Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

I'm happy to say that I had a much better week. I finally got my head screwed back on right. I lost 2.3 pounds, which now brings my total lost to 117.4 pounds! In addition to hitting the gym 3 times a week, I've added in a few Zumba classes, and at least 2 kettle bell workout each week.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

I had a rough  couple of weeks. I did manage to lose 1.1 pounds, but it was a struggle. We went away to CT this past weekend. I originally had planned to not worry about the "diet" this weekend and enjoy all the old restaurants we use to go to. The closer we got to going away the more it was messing with me. I let myself have a cheat meal on Thursday nights, so I had a cheat meal not last Thursday, but the Thursday before, then on the following Sunday I was having crazy cravings thinking about all the food I was planning on eating on vacation, I couldn't wait, so I let myself indulge on Sunday. I was fine on Monday, but then on Tuesday night I indulged AGAIN!

After Tuesday night I realized I was heading for a downward spiral and needed to stop. I had a heart-to-heart with myself and got myself together. I realized that the prospect of eating crappy for a few days was leading me to spiral out of control, so I decided that ultimately I could not "cheat" while on vacation. To make up for all the extra cheat meals, I skipped my normal Thursday cheat, added in a few extra workout, and then stayed focus while on vacation. I stuck to my meal plan and hit the gym while away. I'm planning on not having my cheat meal tonight, but saving it for a cupcake tomorrow night.

I've realized that this is going to be an on going battle for me. There is never going to be an end point. I'm always going to have to be conscience of what I'm eating. That's just the way it has to be. I have come to terms with that and have pushed through my rough patch. I'm refocused and recommitted to my journey.

I ended up losing 1.1 pounds this week, which now brings my total lost to 115.1 pounds.