Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Not That

I want to be sick everyday, but it always a nice reassurance that there's still a baby growing in there. I felt great all day Monday and it had me freaked out. Monday night right before bed I stood up and got so nauseous and instead on being like "oh no" I was like "thank god! It's funny how with Grace I dreaded waking up being nauseous but with baby #2 I love feeling nauseous, it's a little piece of mind until we're able to see the baby's heartbeat, hopefully in 3 weeks!

I went to the Dr.'s yesterday and had my blood work done and filled out some paperwork. It was so surreal to have everyone talking about having another baby and about having ultrasounds done. It felt like it took forever to get to this point, I was so convinced that we'd never get here, yet here we are and I'm ecstatic! I love this little bean already. Keep growing bean!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Piggie Toes

Grace saw my nailpolish on the table Friday. She pointed to it and then pointed to her toes and said "Pretty." I said "You want me to paint your toes?" She shook her head yes. I painted her toes! She sat quitely on my lap and shockingly didn't touch them while they dried! She's such a a girl!
(Don't mind the crumbs on the rug, Grace and Lily were eating crackers.)


So I've been feeling pretty crumby all week. I was nauseous and vomitting. I was convinced I was pregnant and that it had to be twins if at 3 weeks along I was already throwing up and that didn't happen with Grace until 6 weeks. I made Cole go out Wednesday morning and get a pregnancy test, this was day 25 of my cycle, so still to early to really test, but I was convinced that if I had enough hormones to make me sick, then I would have enough to test positive...nope negative.

I tried not to get too upset, since it was still early. I tested again on Thursday and Friday, both negative. Saturday I spent all day crying about not being pregnant, about how I felt so stupid for even thinking I could be pregnant. I realized that it must just be side effects of the Progestrone. I felt like such an idiot for not even considering that fact. Poor Cole I kept just breaking down all day Saturday.

Sunday morning I woke up @ 6am and decided to test again. (I'm a pee-aholic, if we have pregnancy tests in the house I have to pee on them.) I peed on the stick and went to put it on the counter, while I went in the other room to try to pass the time. As I went to put it down I realized there was already 2 lines!

I ran into Grace's room where Cole was sleeping with Grace and with the stick still dripping with pee I was waving it in Cole's face without saying anything. "I can't see anything, are there 2 lines? Get my glasses!" Cole shouted at me.

I ran to get his glasses, but before I got them he shouted "I see it!"

Oh my god! We're pregnant! We couldn't go back to sleep and wanted to go tell everyone, so we got Grace dressed in the shirt I've been waiting a year to put on her, in fact she's out grown 2 shirts, since we started trying.
"What do you mean you're having a baby?!"

So we rushed out of the house and I made up some excuse about needing to borrow my Dad's moving dollie so we could stop by and tell them. I asked my Mom if she liked Grace's new shirt and she said "I told you!" After we left there we went to tell the Brennans' and then we tried to get together with Cole's family, but his parents we're both busy, so we had to tell them over the phone. But we did get to tell Cassie and Andy in person. Cassie had by far the best reaction and was very excited! We tried to call everyone, but they all weren't around, so not everyone knows yet. But I figured not a lot of our family really reads our blog, so I figured I'd tell you few people who read this blog!

We couldn't decide what to do last night after no one was around, so we went to Borders and picked out a Big Sister book for Grace and a book for the new baby! Grace is already so sweet and Cole taught her to kiss the baby, so before bed last night her and Daddy gave the Baby kisses!

We are so excited! I go to the Doctor's tomorrow for blood work. I'll need to continue to take the Progestrone probably through the 1st trimester, but I'm okay with that. Anything to keep this baby safe.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just Dance

Row Your Boat

Grace's rendition of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

17 Months

I had a very uncooperative model this month! This is the best shot I could get.
-You are an on-the-go girl. You never stop moving!
-You like to pretend to sneeze , blow your nose, cough, and cry.
-You also like to pretend your babies are crying and when they cry you hug them super tight!
-You've started cleaning if you find a wipe you will either blow your nose, wipe your face, or clean whatever surface is around. Just today you spilled some milk on the floor and without saying anything you got a wipe yourself, cleaned up the spilled milk, and then threw the dirty wipe in the kitchen!
-If I'm cleaning you will copy me and clean too.
-You're still a great eater and will anything put in front of you.
-You now say "please" and "thank you" for everything.
-You can now be trusted to eat off the plate at a restaurant.
-You now have had babysitters! Nana and Auntie Cassie babysat you twice this month and you did great both times. We started going to the gym this month and you stay at the gym daycare while we work out. You no longer cry at drop off as long as we hand you to one of the teachers.
-You like to sing, dance, hum, and snap your fingers to the music.
-You copy everything we do! If we're on the phone, then your on the phone, if we're cleaning, your cleaning, if I'm putting on shoes, your putting on shoes, etc.
-We've really slacked on the potty lately. You've now peed 22 times and pooped 3 times on the potty.
- You're still a climbing machine.
-You've started trying to learn how to walk down the stairs and you're doing a great job so far.
-You're started whining a lot, but if we encourage you to "use your words" you'll usually vocalize what your whining for.
-You now know the sound of Lily getting out of bed and you get so excited to see her every morning!
-Words: Mama, Dada, Lily, Papa, Nana, you've now said Grandma a few times, Dirty, Diapier, Pepper, Purple, Three, Up,Sit, this, that, Jacob, Jack, yes, bum bum, cracker, done, pretty, tree, baby, Gracie's, me, bowl, cinderella ("ella"), thank you, open, nice,princess, ok, please, ketchup, and no. You still say milk as "mmmmm."
-Your a ketchup freak! You will eat it on anything and even plan. If we're out to eat we have to hid it before your meal comes, over wise you'll cry for it, and we'll have to give it to you on your crackers...yuck!
-Signs:You sign mine, milk, baby,bed, brush your teeth, water, and touchdown.
-You now love high-fives and fist bumps.
- You know how to flex your muscles (even though it looks like touch down).
-You now pretend to snore.
-You love to cuddle and will get your milk and climb up into the chair with me to cuddle.
-Animal sounds you know: cow, dog, cat, elephant, horse, zebra, pig, bunny, monkey,fish, duck, (sheep and bee sometimes), shark, and sometimes skunk.
-You've been sleeping with Daddy instead of me and no longer nurse at night...yeah!
-Body parts you can point to when asked: head, hair, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, belly button, boobies, bum bum, vagina, toes, fingers, and tongue.
- You currently are working on having 12 teeth!
- You give kisses and blow kisses, sometimes you give the best bear hugs.
- You now like to put your toys away when playing with them .

Monthly pictures are here to compare!

Valentine's Day (Part 2)

On Monday I woke Cole and Grace up early so we could head to the gym. We went to the gym, got in a decent work out and then headed into Boston to go to take Grace to the Children's Musuem as her Valentine's Day celebration.

We thought Grace would sleep from the gym to the musuem, but boy were we wrong. We got to Boston around 11am and the line to the musuem was wrapped around the block. I wasn't even thinking that it was a holiday and school vacation. I may have cried as we circled looking for parking. (I'm a little emotional these days, thanks to the meds...I may have cried that morning at the gym in the middle of the pool work-out and I may have cried the day before when I went to get a pedicure and they were closed.) I pulled myself together and Grace and I decided to wait in line while Cole found parking. I keep Grace's winter gear in our van, but our van was in the shop, so I was not prepared to stand out in the cold. Luckily we had the Brennans' car and I found one of the boys' winter hats, so we borrowed that. Plus we had Grace's carseat blankies to help keep her warm.

The line to the musuem an hour after they opened.
Grace not so happy about the line.
All bundled up!
At least the line moved pretty quickly and we had this view to stare at while we waited.
We only waited outside for maybe 15 minutes. We finally got in and Grace was so excited. Grace playing with the bubbles.
Grace in the shop area.
Helping Daddy file down some wood.
"Hey there's someone on the other line!"
Taking in the view, and looking at the none-stop-line to get in.
Grace as a Red Sox player.
Grace loved running in the hallways between the exhibits.
Grace and some Arthur charaters.
Grace is all about high-fives, so she insisted on high-fiving all the characters.
Playing with the sand.
Grace found a boyfriend there. (And she's such a baby lover, she would carry around the doll she found until she found another.)
"Mom, you scared my boyfriend away!"
Found a new baby.
Trying to get a ride with an older boy, but her boyfriend caught her!
So he joined them! (As a sidenote, Grace would not drive the car, she just wanted to sit in the passengar seat and change the radio station- such a girl!)
Doing some stamping.
Doing some puzzles.
Found another baby, this one had clothes at least.
Grace waiting for tired baby!
After lunch she got her 2nd wind and kept playing. Walking Daddy through the Curious George exhibit.
She loved playing with this elevator.
At the salon.
Construction Grace!
Such a big girl!
Waiting for Cole to come get us. Grace was one tired little girl!
She took a good nap from the musuem to our house. Cole and I took turns running in to get ready for our date, so Grace could sleep. We dropped her off with Nana and Auntie Cassie while Cole and I went on our 1st date since Grace was born! We had a nice time, I ordered the baked scallops, but when my scallops came the sight of them made me nauseous, so Cole ate my dinner and his. It was nice to go out to dinner and not have to constantly picking things up off the ground.  We grabbed some coffee and then went to get Miss Grace, who had a great time with Nana and Auntie Cassie! Aside from all my emotional outburst we had a great Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day (Part1)

We had planned to do our Valentine's Day celebration on Monday, but decided to let Grace open her presents Sunday, as well as make some Valentine's Day cookies.

Grace opening her card.
Giving the kitty a hug.
Heart stickers.
Sticker on the face.
Her princess hat.
Opening her Valentine's Day bowls.
Lily wondering where her gifts are..oops, guess I forgot someone.
Reading her new book.
Showing Daddy her new bracelets.
Grace put a sticker on Lily.
Kisses from Daddy.
Grace eating her marshmellow lollipop.
Grace sitting with all her presents.
Grace with her new Cinderella cup, which she refers to as "Ella", so cute!
Lily with her sticker.
Grace thought the lolliopop stick was a straw, silly girl.
Grace and I decorate some cookies. Because I'm either the world's best or worst mom, depending on how you look at it, I let Grace eat the frosting out of the decorating bags after we finished.
And our cookies!