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As I lay here trying to sleep, watching Grace drift in and out of sleep I can't help but think of all the things I have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. It is so amazing how much can change in a year. Last year at Thanksgiving we were disappointed by another negative pregnancy test and finding out that Cole's dad had cancer and now we are celebrating Grace's first Thanksgiving and although Coley still isn't 100% healthy he is still with us and that is something to celebrate.

Things I am thankful for:

Miss Grace: I'm am so blessed to have you in my life, you make me laugh and smile everyday!

Cole: You are the love of my life, you pick me up when I fall down, you wipe away my sorrow, and you remind me everyday how much I am loved.
Lily: Our first baby, you certainly live up to the name "Silly Lily" and although your baby sister has stolen some of your thunder you still wake up every morning and give her a kiss! We are so thankful that we found you !

The Brennan's: Man, I have no idea how we would get by in life with you guys. You are truly some of our closest friends. She-she you have always been an amazing big sister you've helped me realize some of life's biggest lessons, you always knew when to hold my hand and when to let go. Josh, you truly are like my big brother, you've always been a protector and you can always make everyone laugh. Jackson, you bring so much joy and laughter into my world, your smile can always brighter my day, and a hug from you is like no other! Jacob, you are the cutest little baby boy and you've reminded me how fast time flies, seeing you constantly reminds me to slow down and take it all in! I love you guys! I am so thankful that you guys live so close, my life would be completely different if you guys still lived in Colorado. I am so thankful that you have sacrificed living in a better state to be closer to family, I truly appreciate this choice everyday!

Family: Our family is what keeps us going everyday, we would not be who we are or where we are if it wasn't for each and everyone of you.

Friends: We have been very blessed to have so many great friends, although we may not see you as often as we like, we know that you are there if we need you.
Happy Thanksgiving! May you all have a wonderful day!

Capture the Monkey

Grace has been eyeing the monkey from her play mat the past few days. Well, today she got it and was so excited!


Oh, how I love this website! It allows you to quickly and easily edit your photos, here's some of my edits from this morning:

Christmas Tree

So Sunday morning we got up early, not like we had a choice, and started decorating for Christmas! Let me tell you how difficult this is to do with a newborn. I gave up some control and let Cole set-up the Christmas village, as I was not in the mood to climb up on our kitchen cabinets. I insisted on doing the tree though, I am rather particular when it comes to decorating the tree, the ornaments have to all match and they all have a specific spot to go. So I strapped Grace in her front carrier and got to decorating the tree, as a side note we have a fake tree, this will be important at the end of my story. Grace and I slaved away at getting the tree perfect, apparently this was tiring for her because she fell asleep half way through. We finally finished the tree, turned off the lights and enjoyed feeling in the Christmas spirit.

Some pictures of our tree:

Well fast forward to last night. Grace and I were playing on the floor in her room and Lily came in to join us. Well, a few minutes later I hear a very loud crash! Yup, our tree came tumbling down, smashing all our ornaments along the way. Luckily I never put any of are sentimental ornaments on the tree. The supports on the tree just snapped and were unfixable. So we hastily tried to pick up all the pieces as we had company on their way over and our house was now covered in broken glass. Cole called our company and told them to give us 30 minutes before coming over, as I tried desperately to not cry. We managed to get the house cleaned and put the tree in the trash, but then Cole broke our vacuum trying to suck up all the glass, oy vey!

I'm still pretty bitter and haven't decided if I really want to buy a new tree and decorate it all over again. I mean I've already decorated and undecorated a tree and that is a task that should only have to be done once a year. Although I'm sure we'll end up buying a new tree and decorating it, who knows!

I didn't think to take picture of our broken tree, but I did take a picture of what's left:

Very Interesting

So I found this helpful and interesting when we had a newborn and had no idea what her cries meant.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

New Do

So I finally went and got my hair done. It had been a year, yes a whole year, since I last had my hair cut. Cole got me a gift certificate to get it cut and colored for my birthday back in October, but I wasn't brave enough to leave Grace. I finally sucked it up and left Grace for the first time with Daddy for a whole hour and a half. It was so nerve racking, I think I'll wait awhile before I do it again, I couldn't stop worrying. Grace's sleep schedule also got messed up also, I guess she needs her Mommy for her afternoon nap, so she was so overtired last night.

Well here's the before:

and the after:

I'm pretty happy with the results!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas cards

So the last few days I've been dressing Grace up and taking pictures of her for our Christmas card. I must have taken over 200 pictures, but I did manage to get a few good shots. I'm not going to share the pictures that made it to are Christmas card, you have to wait for your Christmas card to see those, but I will share some runner ups.

Lily got in the picture all on her own, she was very offended I wasn't taking pictures of her.

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So I've been trying for a while to capture a smile on camera and this morning I caught a few. Enjoy!