Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hockey Time

Yesterday was Cole's alumni hockey game, I took the babies with me to go watch the game. Cole's parents watched Grace for us. Grace has reached the I throw temper tantrums about EVERYTHING stage, so I try to limit how often I'm out in public alone with all 3 kids! I just haven't quite mastered juggling all three of them, especially when a certain toddler is throwing a temper tantrum in public.It's quite impossible to push a double stroller while chasing a toddler and I wanted to be able to actually watch the game and knew if Grace was with me I wouldn't have been able to see much of the game.

Cole wasn't sure how many goalies would be there, so he wasn't sure how much playing time he'd get, but luckily there was only him and one other, so they each got to play the whole game. I think Cole was pretty tired after the game, I don't think he's played a full hour of goalie in a while! It was really nice to watch all the guys play again, it made me feel like I was in high school again!

Emma at the game
Carter at the game

Cole in the net

While Cole played, the babies slept!

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