Friday, January 29, 2010

Things I Never Thought I'd Say...

"Grace don't put your fingers in your nose."

"Don't put your peas in your nose. Peas are for eating, not for putting in your nose. If you keep putting the peas in your nose I'll have to take them away"

While on the potty..."Please be nice to your vagina." Grace then proceeds to pat it like a kitty saying "niiice" then she tries to bend over and kiss it. "Grace, we don't kiss our vaginas that's yucky."

"Please leave Lily's bum alone."

"Please get your hand out of Jacob's pants. Those are Jacob's pants please leave them on."

"Please get your hand out of my pants, that's Mama's bum."

"Please, don't lick Lily, that's yucky"

"Can you use your hands when you eat, you're not a puppy dog."

"Please don't put your dinner in your belly button."

She certainly is one silly toddler!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Imagination Island

On Sunday I was still wallowing, even though I said I wouldn't, so we decided we needed to get out of the house. We decided to take Grace to an indoor playground called Imagination Island. Grace had a blast!

Grace playing in the fire truck.

Playing with the bubbles.

Riding the fish.

Trying to decide where to go next.

Nurse Grace

After the play place we met up with Cole's family for dinner.

Grace coloring with Papa C.

Getting out of the house helped me get past the wallowing!


On Saturday we went with the Brennans' to Patriot Place's outdoor skating rink so that Jack could do the learn to skate. Jackson wasn't a fan of the teachers so Josh and Cole skated around with him, while Gracie, Jacob, Auntie and I watched. Of course I ton a million pictures.

Jackson ready to skate.

Grace not looking so happy to be spending more time at a rink.

Jacob not looking so happy either.

Babies chatting it up.

Jackson with a teacher.

Jack with Cole.

Grace still not impressed.

Jacob wanted to skate too!

Josh, Jack, and Cole. (You can see part of the football stadium in the back.)

After the boys skated we all headed over to Red Robin for some lunch.

The Brennans!

After lunch we headed over to Old Navy to check out their 50% off clearance. I scored big time on winter clothes for Grace for next year...yay! We had a great day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So I talked to my doctor yesterday and she will be doubling both my Clomid and Progestrone. Hopefully doubling will work.

As a side note my PMS is awful this month. I've never been so tired and bitchy in all my life. I have no idea if this has anything to do with the meds or not, but stay back I may just bite!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This Months Out

Well my cycle came to an end tonight. Guess this month was not our month. Here's hoping next month will be our month. Wallowing tonight, but back to being positive tomorrow.

All good things are worth waiting for!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Little Valentine

I tried, tried being the key word, to take some cute pictures of Grace for Valentine's Day.

Some came out cute, but just not what I had invisioned. At least I had a cute model to work with!


This weekend Grace went to her first hockey game. Cole has been a high school goalie coach at Cohasset for 3 years and me and Grace haven't been able to make it to a game...oops! Well this weekend we made it to two! They lost both games, but at least we made it!

Grace all bundled

Grace and her baby watching the boys play.


We took Grace bowling for the first time ever Saturday. She had a blast! We only did one game just because she was getting sleepy. I did take lots of pictures though!


Well I finally ovulated. It wasn't until day 20 of my cycle, but that's a little earlier then it had been. I had to call over the weekend to get a prescription for Progestrone. Man that stuff is expensive! I feel like I'm just wasting money, because I'm almost positive our timing was off this month. But feel like I have to take the Progestrone, just in case. I would love if we got pregnant this month, but I'm not holding my breath. The Progestrone makes me really dizzy and nauseous, but I haven't really had any side effects other then that. I don't really know the plan for next month if this month doesn't work. We never really discussed what we'd do if this month didn't work. I don't know if my doctor will increase the Clomid dose or keep it the same. I guess we shall have to wait to see!

Potty Count

Grace is now up to 20 pees and 3 poops on the potty!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

16 Months

- You are full of energy and you're constantly on the move. You never sit still for longer then 5 minutes.

-You like to pretend to sneeze and blow your nose.
-You love playing in your kitchen and you're really good at pretend eating! You pretend to drink tea and then say "num num."

-You are doing a good job eatting off a plate and try very hard to use your fork or spoon. Although you still use your fingers when you get frustrated. You're to busy to sit and eat so you usually end up eating most of your dinner while running around.

-You will eat anything we put in front of you. You don't really like broccoli but will try it every time I put it in  front of you.

-You like to sing and dance...your such a girl!

-You love your dolls and are constantly carrying them and feeding them. You always share your food and drinks with them. You will make such a good Mommy and big sister someday.

-You like to play dress-up and are always trying to put any hats and shoes on you find around the house.

-You're doing a great job on the potty. You get very excited when you see the potty and you love to sit and play on it. You've now peed 14 times and pooped 2 times on the potty.

-You are a monkey and will try to climb on everything!

-You're pretty laid back and usually handle "nos" well.

-You are still so in love with Lily, but I often have to seperate you to because sometimes you have a hard time being nice to Lily.

-Words: Mama, Dada,Lily, Papa, Nana, Dirty, Diapier, Pepper, Purple, Three, Up,Sit, this, that, Jacob, Jack, yes, bum bum, cracker, done, pretty, tree, baby, Gracie's, please and no. You still say milk as "mmmmm." I've been trying to get you to make a "k" sound, put you think i'm clicking my tongue when I do it, so that's what you do.

-Signs:You sign mine, milk, baby,bed, brush your teeth, water, and touchdown.

-You can climb the stairs super fast.

-You like to stack blocks and then knock them down.

-You've really been into your shape sorter lately. If I point to which hole they go in, you'll put them in the right hole.

-Animal sounds you know: cow, dog, cat, elephant, horse, zebra, pig, bunny, monkey,fish, duck, (sheep and bee sometimes), and you think that reindeers say "nay" (I don't know what they do say, so I just go with it.)

-You've been sleeping with Daddy instead of me and no longer nurse at night...yeah!

-Body parts you can point to when asked: head, hair, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, belly button, boobies, bum bum, toes, and tongue.

-You still love books and have started pretending to read them. You say over and over 'ya ya ya" while turning pages.

-You love to sit and will make anything into a chair.

-You now have 9 teeth.

-You blow kisses, sometimes to strangers!

-You've suddenly sprouted up and have long legs! You certainly didn't get those from me.

-Your hair is finally starting to come in and I can manage to put it in little tiny pigtails.
We love you!

Monthly pictures are here to compare!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Super Star

Grace did it again...she pooped on the potty. Poop count 2 Pee count 11! Go Grace

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coley's 50th

On Saturday Cole's Aunt, Peggy, hosted his Dad's 50th birthday party. It was originally supposed to be a surprise, but picking a date that worked for everyone was difficult. So, we ended up all just getting together for a dinner party for Coley. All-in-all it was a nice night.
Grace all dressed and ready to go


Grace and I

Me, (Cole's sister) Cassie, (Cole's Dad) Coley, Cole, Grace, and (Cole's brother) Andy.

Cassie and their cousin Ashley

Grace with her baby carrier

Grace and Papa C.

Coley and his siblings


Look at that face!

Grace playing in the kitchen

Grace playing with Ashley

Happy 50th Coley!