Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Cutie

We've been working on Grace's pincer grasp so whenever she gets a puff in her mouth on her own I clap and yell "yeah!" Well today while she was eating her puffs I stole one to eat. Grace got the biggest smile on her face and yelled "yeah" when I put the puff in my mouth, so cute! Apparently she's very excited her Momma can feed herself!


Yesterday while eating puffs, I asked Grace if she wants more while doing the more sign. For the first time ever she did the more sign back to me and opened her mouth like a baby bird waiting for her puff!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Foods

I decided recently that we should start adding a 3rd meal to Grace's food schedule, but didn't know what else to add since she already eats a veggie in the morning and fruit at night, my sister recommended adding more finger foods in, so that's what we've done. We went to Whole Foods and I found these tiny pasta:
They are a little to small for finger foods, but help add some texture to her diet. Grace really loves these!
Today I strained a can of organic alphabet soup and gave her the chunks from it. It was her first time using a fork. It took her a few tries but she eventually got the hang of it. Now that she's learning how to feed herself, she does not like me feeding her. Man things are going to get very messy now!
Yup, it took all of two minutes for the plate to be tipped over and on the floor!
Grace has started doing a head tilt to flirt with the camera, it's too cute!

Nice Weather

We have really been enjoying this nice weather lately. Besides being able to get out of the house, I've been loving being able to put Grace in her cute summer clothes.

Grace loves looking out the window (look at those cute Crocs!)

We took a walk along Wollaston Beach the other night (if you look to the far left of the picture you can see Boston)
Another cute outfit
and with shorts, after we realized that she couldn't sit in the capris because they were to tight.
and we went and played on the swings again today.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well, it looks like Grace has Roseola, which would explain the high fever. At least we're at the rash part, which means we're almost over it.


After the zoo we headed over to the park and Grace and Jacob swung on the baby swings while Jack played at the playground.

First Trip To The Zoo

Grace took her first trip to the zoo. We went to the ButtonWood Park Zoo with the Brennans' and had a blast! Of course I took a million pictures, but I'll just share a few:
Grace ready for the zoo

Grace and the deer
Cutest nephews ever!
Cole and a sleepy Grace
a bashful sheep
Jackson feeding Grace

sleepy bear
Grace after a long day

Our Big Girl

Just a few pictures from the past week!

Grace showing off her new outfit
Grace's first pony tail (it's only on one side, still has no hair on her right side)

Grace's first Red Sox apparel
Happily playing with her house.
Yup, she can now pull herself up to her knees! Yikes!

Grace and Lily looking out the window
Grace sitting on Jacob's car

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Back

Guess we're not of the woods yet, Grace's fever is back. At 11:30 it was 102.5 rectally, still no other symptoms besides being sleepy. We're just going to keep giving Tylenol every 4 hours and watch for other symptoms. She's still eating, drinking, peeing, pooping, and playing, so those are all good things. I guess time will tell.

First Emergency

Yesterday we had our first emergency. It started out like a normal day, Grace slept in an extra hour, but I just figured it was because she was rather restless in her sleep the night before.

Grace woke up, she ate, and we played. While playing every few minutes she'd reach over for me and give me a hug...that just melts my heart! Anyways, back to our day...Grace was starting to show signs that she was ready for a nap. I nursed her and she fell asleep. Grace was still napping 3 1/2 hours later, I finally had to wake her because my bladder was going to explode. So, I woke her and realized she was really warm, I change her diaper and check her temp...102.4 rectally...shoot! I call Cole and he calls Grace's doctor. I give Grace what's left of the Tylenol, of course we're out of Tylenol! The doctor informs us this is way to high and she needs to be seen immediately. Great, except it's 4pm now and the doctor's closes at 5, and Cole is at least 1 1/2 hours away with the car, our debit card, Grace's car seat, her binkie, my house keys, and to top it off my cell phone is dead. Great!

The nurse tells Cole if we can't make it in time then we'll have to go to the E.R. Well, I really did not want to bring Grace to the E.R because 1. we'd be there all night and 2. who knows what else she'd catch while there. So, Cole calls my brother-in-law, Josh, and asks if I can borrow their car, car seat, cell phone, and debit card...he says yes. So, I change Grace, quickly pack a diaper bag, throw on clothes (of course this is the day I don't shower), put Lily in her crate, rush to my sister's get everything I need. I drive to the doctor's and try not to panic about how quite Grace is being in the back. I keep touching her head making sure I can feel her pulse, hoping she doesn't seize or pass out on me. I keep talking to her, but she doesn't make a peep. This is the one car ride I don't want her to be quite. I want her to be loud, make noise! I manage to make it to the doctor's by 4:30.

I get to the doctor's explain she has no other symptoms besides her temp and sleeping. They check her temperature again...the nurse does it under her arm 97.7, I ask her to recheck it rectally, 102. The nurse weighs Grace 21 lbs 12.5 oz (yikes she's gained a pound since her last appointment 2.5 weeks ago.) I waited in the room with Grace for the doctor, trying not to panic, trying to push those thoughts out of my head...remembering how I'd have seizures when I was little if my temp was this high...remembering how Cole's cousin, Ryan, passed away when he was 6 months suddenly from meningitis. I try to hold myself together. I just keep telling myself that I can cry when I get home. The doctor finally comes in and examines her. She doesn't find anything wrong and says to keep giving her Tylenol every 4 hours and wait to see what happens.

Deep breathe. I return all my borrowed items and return home. I strip Grace down to her diaper and let her play. I give myself permission to cry, but I no longer need to. I just feel relieved. After 10 minutes I put Grace in some cool pajamas and nurse her. She falls asleep and takes a 2 hour nap. By the time she wakes up she's an hour over due for Tylenol. I check her temp 97.7, yes! I give her Tylenol anyways. She acts fine the rest of the night..plays, laughs, and gives lots of hugs. Before bed I rechecked her temp 98.6..perfect!

I have no idea why her temp spiked so high, I'm just thankful it's back to normal and that I made it through our first emergency!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sneak Peek

Loriann posted a sneak peek on her blog ( go check it out! We loved working with her and can't wait to see the rest!

Grace's Welcoming

Yesterday was Grace's Welcoming and it went very well. We woke Grace up early and headed to Nantasket Beach and met up with Loriann. We took some family photos and then an hour later our families arrived and we started the ceremony we made up.

Our promises to Grace:
A year and a half ago, Cole and I shared our vows of marriage. These vows represented promises we made to each other in order to ensure happiness and dedication as we grow as a married couple for the rest of our lives. Today we are making promises to Grace with the same love and compassion we had when we made those vows to each other. We vow to keep these promises and exercise them throughout your entire life.

We promise to always love and respect you for who you are and not who we want you to be.
We promise to give you space. Space to grow, to dream, to succeed, and even, sometimes, to fail.
We promise to create a loving home environment and show you that you are loved, whenever and however we can.
We promise when necessary to let you know we disapprove of what you do, not who you are.
We promise to tickle your toes.
We promise to set limits and help you find security in the knowledge of what is expected of you.
We promise to make time for you and cherish our moments together, realizing how important, and fleeting, they are.
We promise to not burden you with emotions and problems you're not equipped to deal with, remembering that we are the parents and you are the child.
We promise to check for monsters.
We promise to encourage you to experience the world and all its possibilities, guiding you and taking pains to leave you careful, but not fearful.
We promise to take care of ourselves physically and emotionally so that we can be there for you when you need us.
We promise to show you the stars and teach you how to reach them.
We promise to hold your hand when you learn to walk.
We promise to show you we love you every day through words and physical affection.
We promise to listen to you and let you know we value what you say.
We promise to praise your accomplishments and efforts towards those accomplishments.
We promise to allow you to make your own mistakes and to learn from those experiences.
We promise to try to be the kind of people we want you to grow up to be-loving, fair-minded, moral, giving, and hopeful.

We had every else write letters to Grace, they were all so beautiful. I know Grace will treasure them for a lifetime. I don't have many photos from the ceremony, but we hired Loriann to take pictures for us. She was great to work with and I can't wait to see the photos!

I did steal a few of Auntie and Uncle Josh's photos, thanks guys!

sleepy Grace

Cole performing the ceremony

Grace and I

Grace all dressed up for her big day!

After the beach Cole and I headed to the hall to set up for the party. The party was great and it was nice for Grace to see our friends and families!
"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"
Grace and me again!
Grace and Papa Jackson
Some decorations

The cake

Grace playing
Grace and Auntie Cassie
Jacob loving Grace's stroller

Cole, me, Grace, and Cole's Mom (Nana)
Cole, Grace, and I
Playing on the floor at the party

Grace and Jacob hanging out while we cleaned up.
Party girl all tuckered out
Gracie trying on some of her new clothes this morning, and yes they're 18 months, how is she this big!
New bathing suit and cover up (both 18 months)

Pretty new dress
We had a wonderful day yesterday. We feel so lucky that Grace is loved by some many. We just want to thank everyone who helped make this such a nice day for our baby girl!