Monday, April 30, 2012

Castle Island & Carnival

Last Saturday since it was such a nice day out we decided to take the kids to Castle Island. 
 Cole and I just got salads on the way, but the kids got yummy food at Sullivan's.....drool.
 The babies just think juice boxes are the greatest thing ever! I only get them for them when we are out n about, but once they get them they keep a death grip on them. 
 After we sat and ate, we walked around for a while looking at all the boats and planes. 
 Before we left we let the kids play at the playground for a while. Let me tell you having 3 kids playing at a crowded playground with only 2 adults to keep an eye on them, sends me into panic mode. After almost 10 minutes of constant anxiety, I finally decided to put the babies make in the stroller before I die of a heartache.

After Castle Island, we surprised Grace by taking her to the Weymouth Carnival. We didn't tell her what we were doing or where we were going. She was very excited when we pulled in!
 They had a little petting zoo there, which Grace really liked. 
Carter on the other hand, HATED it. He just screamed any time we got close to the animals. 
 Poor baby, doesn't like petting zoos. 
 We let Grace pick a few rides to go on. She wasn't tall enough to go by herself, so Cole went with her. 
 The babies watching Grace on the rides. 
Grace said this ride was her favorite. 
This little boat, spun around, it was really cute. 
Fun House
Super slide
After Grace used all her tickets we let the kids get a snack. The babies had some milk and ice cream. 
Grace got her first ever rootbeer float.  
Emma is such a goof ball when it comes to food.
Carter on the other hand, is super serious when it comes to food, he doesn't want to risk spilling a single drop. 
Grace drank every last sip of her huge drink. 

Friday, April 27, 2012


I've been such a bad blogger lately, what can I say, I have no excuses. 

Thursday nights are my cheat nights, so I eat whatever I have been craving for the past week. A few Thursdays ago, I was craving cupcakes, so we went to get the most amazing cupcakes ever at Cupcake Charlie's .
I told Grace before school that day, that we might be getting cupcakes at night...she did a little happy dance:
 I didn't get any pictures of the delicious cupcakes because we all inhaled ours as fast as possible. I got the chocolate peanut butter cupcake, which is so amazing! Grace picked the chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, the babies split a funfetti cupcake, and Cole had a mint chocolate cupcake.

After inhaling our cupcakes we decided that since it was a nice night out, that we should take advantage of it and walk around Plymouth for a while.

 We went and showed Grace the Mayflower, she was less then impressed. 
 We did see a horseshoe crab hanging out in the water, which Grace did think was pretty cool. 
 Pretty girl in front of some flowers.
 Grace and I
 We went over and showed Grace Plymouth Rock, she was really unimpressed with that. She did however really want to climb the hill across the street. 
 After walking around for a while, we let Grace buy a candy necklace. 
Two minutes after Grace bought the necklace Cole put it on himself, obviously breaking it and sending candy EVERYWHERE! This led to Grace balling he eyes out, Cole then had to promptly walk her back to the store to buy another one...oh Daddy! On the car ride home Grace just kept saying "Daddy, I'm sorry you broke my necklace!"