Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Happenings

Just some random things that have been happening in our house lately!

Carter likes to use poor Emma as am arm rest!
Emma and Carter have suddenly gotten so big and love to play! They are reaching for toys and putting them in their mouths!

We finally got our 2nd exersaucer out of the basement so Emma and Carter won't have to take turns now. I also busted out the swing this past weekend. Both babies have been fighting their naps, so I thought I'd try the swing and they both LOVE it! Problem is that we only have one right now. Carter also has taken two naps in the crib the past few days!

Emma still loves her hands and stares at them all day long! Although it often looks like she's practicing karate.

Carter is trying to be a big boy and really wants to hold is own bottle.
This past Friday was a rainy day and Cole didn't have to work so we all went to the mall to pass some time. We let Grace stop and play in the arcade and she had a blast!
We've been slowly trying to add some dairy into Grace's food over the past month to see if she has grow out of her dairy allergy. We started off very slow with just foods that may contain dairy, then slowly added some into her food, then I'd put a tiny bit of cheese on her pizza. She hadn't been having any reactions to any of the dairy so after the arcade on Friday we went to Friendlys and let her eat some really ice cream for the first time!
She loved it and didn't have any reactions! It almost seems like she used to have a reaction to her poop after eating dairy but now where she is potty trained the poop doesn't touch her skin so she isn't reacting to it.

After the mall on Friday Grace's hair was a mess from the rain, so I decided to give her a wacky hairstyle to go with her wacky hair!
I've been trying to switch up Grace's hair style to find something to do with it other then pigtails, but I still love the pigtails the best.
Carter is such a ham and often flashes this smile for the camera.
Emma on the other hand often flashes me this look!
The pediatrician the other day recommended starting some foods with the babies. I picked up a sweet potato on Saturday at Whole Foods to cook up for them. Sunday morning I fed them some, I didn't think Carter would eat any since he just gags on cereal, but he loved it!
Emma loved it as well, but I expected that since she loves the cereal too.
two very messy babies!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekly Weigh in

I had to wait a few days to weigh in this week to make sure I gained back the weight I lost from dehydration. I think it's safe to say I put back on that lost water weight. My weight loss for this week is 2.8 pounds, bringing my total loss to 21.2 pounds. This means I've lost the equivalent of 84 sticks of butter (4 sticks of butter roughly equals 1 pound lost!)

This is what 7 pounds in butter looks like so I've lost 3 times this!
Next week I'll be at the 2 month mark! I still have 48.8 pounds left to get to my goal and 10 more months left to make it happen!

Emma laughing

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sea Horse

Carter snuggling with the seahorse at 1 month old.
Carter snuggling with the sea horse tonight at 4 months old
Why must they grow so fast?

4 Month Stats

Emma and Carter went for their 4 month check-up today.

Carter's Stats:
height: 25 inches
weight: 13 lbs 14.5 oz.
head circumference: 42.5 cm

 (If you click on the charts the will open up bigger)
Carter's growth isn't as fast as Emma's, but they aren't concerned. Carter is only in the 10th% for weight...little peanut!

 But if you account for Carter's adjusted age, then that puts him in the 50th%.
Emma's Stats:

height: 25 inches
weight: 14 lbs 2 oz.
head circumference: 40 cm

 Emma now weighs MORE then Carter! Emma started off in the 3rd% for weight at birth and is now all most in the 60th% for weight and that's not even with her adjusted age!

With her adjusted age Emma is in the 80-85th%!

Grace at 4 months was huge and was in the 99th%..yikes!

And just because what's a post without some pictures

Emma and Carter today

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Foam Pit

Grace missed gymnastics last Wednesday because of this damn stomach bug and there is no gymnastics this Wednesday so Cole took her to open gym Monday. Grace just loves jumping into the pit and to think when we started gymnastics this summer Grace wouldn't even jump into the pit from the side, now she'll jump from the big platform by herself! I love her!

8 days..

8 days of the stomach big from HELL! I'm finally starting to feel some what human again tonight, I was actually able to tolerate more then a piece of toast and thus far it is staying down (knock on wood.) This stupid bug started last Monday and I thought on Saturday that if I just got out of the house I'd feel better, boy was I wrong! About half way through our Target trip, I realized getting out was a bad idea and by the end of the trip I realized it was a VERY bad idea. We got home from Target and I crawled back into bed, by Saturday night the stupid bug had restarted all over again...cue non stop vomiting!

I finally went to the doctor and they just said I have to let it runs it's course, that it's just an awful strain going around. I'm really hoping that this is the end of the damn bug, I want it gone!

Friday, February 18, 2011

So close

Carter is close to rolling over. He can roll side to side and almost gets himself all the way over.

Baby Talk

typical girl...talking Carter's ear off.

Splish Splash

Emma in the bath the other night.
"Do you mind?"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Kids

Just some photos of our happy children!
Miss Grace
 and Carter

Sick day photos

No don't worry no photos of anyone actually getting sick! I was holding both Emma & Carter (teething times 2!) the other day on our puke filled Valentine's day and Grace started to puke, so I had to put them down as fast as possible to help Grace aim for the bucket. Well I just put them both down in a bouncy together to get to Grace and they both seemed to like it and stayed like that watching tv.

 Poor Miss Grace stayed like this most of the day.
Poor baby did such a good job with her potty training despite being sick. On top of the puking she came down with some awful non stop diarrhea, yet managed to not have one accident. I'm glad we potty trained when we did, it saved me from having to change a million yucky poopy diapers!

Week 6

Weight loss this week was 4.1 pounds, which brings the total up to 18.4 pounds lost. That means I'm 1/4th of a way to my 70 pound goal!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did you know...

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A little depressing

Back in August I had purchased these outfits for the babies to wear home from the hospital. I bought them in newborn thinking they may just be a tiny bit big, but when the babies were born they were way big to wear. So on Saturday I decided to finally put then in what was supposed to be their coming home outfits. At 4 months they can finally fit into these newborn outfits, when I think about it it makes me a little sad, but both babies are doing good and growing, so I can't be that sad!

Valentine's Day..aka Pukeville!

We decided to celebrate Valentine's Day this past weekend and boy am I glad we did because I was woken up yesterday morning to Grace leaning over me and puking....Happy Valentine's Day Mom!! Ugh..we just had a stomach bug right before Christmas, aren't you supposed to get them like once every 5 years! Anyways Grace puked and had diarrhea all day. Unfortunatley Cole had to work and while Cole was working I was blessed with the stomach bug as well! Poor Grace was so weak from not eating or drinking anything. Whenever I would go to the bathroom to puke she would high tail it to the fridge and try to drink any liquids she could find. I'd yell out into between puking to not drink anything because it would make her belly sick, so she's put it back and just lay on the floor because she didn't have any energy to walk back to the couch, poor baby girl. After a few hours of no puking I started giving Grace a syringe of flat soda every 5-10 minutes. Grace perked right up after some liquids and was doing a good job until Cole got home with some gingerale. Grace chugged a cup of gingerale and before she even took the cup away from her mouth she was puking it right back up all over Cole and Emma!!

We made her go back to only drinking a syringeful at a time and she did fine with that. Grace wasn't interested in eating and around 6pm I gave her some more Tylenol and she was snuggled on my lap in just her undies and fell asleep. I put her in a night time diaper and some pajamas and then we put her to bed. She woke up around 9pm and puked all over the bed. Cole cleaned her up and she went right back to sleep. Around 11pm she was stirring so I went in and laid down with her and she slept the rest of the night fine. Although she did wake up once and reach over in the dark to find my hand and then just held hands with me.

Grace woke up this morning back to her normal self and was running around her room taking all her toys out. Hopefully the stupid stomach bug is gone and stays away for a long time! I'm spending the day debugging our house!

Valentine's Weekend

We celebrated Valentine's Day this past weekend. On Saturday Cole and Grace went on a little date to go to see Grace's 1st movie! They went and saw Gnomeo & Juliet. Grace was so excited about their date!

Grace decided to bring her new Barbie with them to the movies.
On Sunday we got all the kids dressed in their Valentine's Day clothes

 For breakfast I made Grace some english muffins with jelly
 For lunch we went to the Brennans' and had KFC. For dinner I made Grace some heart pizza
And then for dessert we made a soda cake with pink soda and I added some food coloring to the cool whip.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Could it be?

Could it be that my princess loving girly daughter has a tom boy streak in her? We went to Target last night to let Grace pick out another potty present for pooping on the potty all week (yay!) While we were there I let her pick out a new pair of socks from their dollar section. Grace decided not to get the Barbie ones, or the Dora ones, not the princess ones, but the black boy Woody socks.
That's fine Grace likes Toy Story and most Toy Story items are pretty boyish.

Then we had Grace pick out some Valentine's to give to people...she was trying to decide between the Tinkerbell ones, the Princess ones, the puppy ones, and the Mickey Mouse ones, yet decided last minute that she HAD to have these dinosaur ones! I guess it must be all the Dino Dan she's been watching lately!

But her girl streak is still so much stronger...she decided to pick out the Liv Katie doll as her potty present!
I think it was the fact that she comes with a skateboard and Grace had just watched the Yo Gabba Gabba episode about skateboarding! Grace decided that Katie HAD to go to the movies with her and Daddy today!

Tummy Time

We've been putting the babies on their bellies as much as possible lately to help strengthen their head control. Emma has a lot better control then Carter does, but we're working on it and EI works on it a lot with both babies.
"Well, hello there!"
 We spend most of our belly time drooling...
or playing princesses....
or eating our hands!
"yoooo Adrianne!"
"Seriously Mom, enough with the pictures!"
 Double tummy time!
 Grace thinks that tummy time means it's time to climb all over Mama!