Thursday, March 31, 2011


I know I say it ALL the time, but the amount of love these 3 kids have for one another is amazing! When I was pregnant with the twins I was scared about how Grace would feel about our expanding family and if she'd resent me for taking the only child role away from her, but thankfully Grace had embraced the big sister role and really seems to love it! At least 3-4 times a day Grace says "Me & Emma Best friends!" or "Carter's my best friends, we're best friends Carter!"
Grace & Emma
Grace & Emma
I love them so much!


I'm finally at a place where I feel like the babies are really starting to fill out more and look less and less like preemies. But every now and then I remember how big Grace was at their age and I'm reminded just how small they still are. Emma wore this ladybug outfit last weekend and use to be Grace's I went back to find a picture of Grace in the same outfit and found it in Grace's 2 month album, meaning Grace was probably around 2.5 months when wearing it, while Emma is 5.5 months and just starting to fit into it!
I think Grace probably weighed more at 2 months old then Emma does now at 5.5 months. That's okay though I know that every child is different and Emma and Carter are happy and healthy and that's all that really matters.

Carter Jumping

Grace making Emma laugh

Emma Laughing

Carter Splashing

New Adventure!

I'm one of the new Mommy Bloggers at Signature Mom Blog (you can check out my first blog here) I'm super excited, but a little nervous as well! Anyone have any good blog topic suggestions?

Also both babies are teething and cranky so I'vd been a little MIA also I'm in the middle of a good book!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly Weigh in

This week I only lost 1.2 pounds, which is the same thing I lost last week. I'm trying not to be discouraged and know that I tend to have a few slower weeks then I'll have a really good week. This now brings my total weight loss up to 28.2. Which means I still need to lose 41.8 to reach my year goal. I'm just going to keep plugging along, maybe up my water & fiber intake to see if that helps. I know I really need to increase my exercise, but finding time is just so difficult. Hopefully it will stay nice out and I can take the kids on more walks.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bums, Bananas, & Tripods

Sort of just a randomness of things....Emma loves to lay on her belly with her bum in the air, it's so stinkin' cute!
Carter can sit in the tripod position for a few seconds at a time unassisted.
Both babies are teething like crazy after fussiness all day I remembered about the mesh feeder last night. I gave it to Carter, who seems to be having a harder time with the teeth and he went nuts for it. First I put an ice cube in it and after he finished that I put in a banana. Carter was so excited about the banana and it was the only thing that kept him calm for a good 15 minutes while he chomped away on the thing.
With their morning cereal/vegetable I've been giving the babies a sippy cup of water. Well they now know what a sippy cup is when they see one, so when Carter saw me get his sippy cup out of the fridge this morning and put it down he started screaming until I finally let him have it. And while Grace was sitting next to Emma later on she was drinking her own sippy cup when Emma started reaching for Gracie's cup and crying so I had to go get Emma her own cup. It's crazy how fast they pick up on these things.

And because I'm kind of crazy I put the kids in some crazy outfits today just so they could wear their cute babylegs.

"Um, Mom this bow is the size of my head!"

Girl's Got Attitude

What can I say, Miss Emma has quite the attitude.
"Does this amuse you?"
 Carter is always so happy to see her and always faces her his great big smile
 Emma always just gives him her attitude stare in return.
"What do you want?"

Double Roll

Carter and Emma have been rolling from belly to back for about a week now. We were finally able to get them to both do it on video!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Party & Parade

We had a very busy weekend! Saturday morning Grace had her usual dance class:
 Then after dance we went to Adrianna's 1st birthday party! Emma & Carter sported some overalls!
 The party was very nice. It was great to see family and Grace had a blast!

 Sean & Katie had cupcakes to decorate and Amanda was awesome and helped Grace decorate a bunch.
On Sunday we got ready and went to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Abington.
"What do you mean we aren't going to the parade yet?"
oops we cut off Daddy!
"We better be heading to the parade now!"
 Carter was happy in his carseat at first, but that didn't last to long.
 The Brennans' were there as well! Grace, Jacob, & Jackson hung out on the back of Papa's truck and ate while we waited for the parade to start.
Brennan Boys!
After Carter got sick of his carseat I put him in the good ole' Baby K'tan! He watched the parade for a little while, but he was unimpressed and ended up just sleeping in the wrap for most of the parade.
Emma HATED the parade and cried for most of it until Cole was able to rock her to sleep and then she slept for the rest of the parade.
Emma was happy until the parade started!
It ended up being colder then we expected it to be.
Grandma & Jacob trying to stay warm
Grace played with her bubble gun while we waited for the parade to start and we become the parents of the child with the annoying toy at the parade! Grace attracted lots of kids with the bubble gun and had bubbles flying in everyones' faces...lovely! By the time the bubbles finally ran out Grace's hair so soaked, but it kept her happy while we waited!
Grace loved the parade, especially since most floats tossed out candy!
Some older guy from the parade yelled out that Grace was beautiful and said we need to have 10 more kids...ha maybe 1 more!
Someone handed Grace this flag and she loved it!


Friday we packed up the troops after Cole got home from work and headed over to the playground since it was so nice out. Grace had a blast!
Carter was awake at the playground, but Emma just slept the whole time.
I forgot until we got there how much anxiety the playground gives me! I'm always so afraid Grace is going to fall off of the top of the slide or something else. Grace did manage to get hurt twice while we were there, which only helped to increase my anxiety! The first accident happened when Grace decided to run under a kid swinging, ya she did not make it under and got hit and fell down. The second accident happened while she was running, she lost her boot and fell down face first into the mud. But aside from a few bumps and Mama's anxiety Grace had so much fun!
After the playground we decided to meet up with Cole's Mom and go see some ducks, but there were we looked at the water for a few minutes
Then we decided to head to Peaceful Meadows to look at the cows and have some ice cream...I was to busy eating ice cream to take any picture though!


Grace has been going to bed all by herself without anyone laying down with her, which is a huge deal, seeing as for the last 2.5 years Grace has slept with either Cole or myself. Before bed every night Grace picks out a book to bring upstairs with her, the funny thing is that she doesn't want me to read, nor does she want to read it herself. In fact she just wants me to tuck it in next to her in bed! I don't know why she insists on snuggling a book at night, I ask if she wants any stuffed animals to snuggle with, but she always says she just wants her book. Every night Grace picks out a new book and gets very mad at me if the book from the night before is still in her bed.

Speaking of books I have started reading for fun as well...say what! I'm on my 3rd Jodi Picoult book this month. I'm really enjoying reading and don't really know how I find time to read, but I do! So far I've read "19 Minutes," "The Pact," and I'm currently reading "Handle With Care." I really like Jodi Picoult but I feel like I need to switch it up after I finish this book, so if anyone has any other fictional books to recommend that would be great!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

The kids showing off their Irish pride!
I love how they are both looking at one another like "What is on your head?"
Grace rocking one of the shamrock bows I made
I hate how blowin out this picture is.
3 almost smiles!
Apparently this was an everyone look at their feet shot
Love the tongue Emma
Yummy shamrock