Friday, July 31, 2009

More Pictures

Just a few pictures from Wednesday and Thursday.

After I took pictures of Grace in her pirate tutu Wednesday I left her leggings on to keep her legs warm in the air conditioned living room. While folding laundry I realized there was a lot of black clothes, which led to me laying them out and snapping a few pictures.

Grace's new favorite thing to do is to sit on the bottom step and play with toys, she's just too cute!

Baby kisses
"Nobody move or I'll eat this baby!"


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ladybug Tutu

We decided that for Grace's 1st Birthday (tear) party we'd do a ladybug theme. Well that led to me buying a ladybug tutu and boy is it adorable! Yesterday I took pictures of Grace in the tutu to use on the invitations. Enjoy the cuteness and is it just me or is anyone else singing the ladybug picnic song while looking at these?

I have lots of butt pictures because she kept crawling away from me!

Here she spotted her teddy bear
and decided to crawl over and give it a kiss, she's so sweet!

Since Grace seemed to like her ladybug tutu I decided to put her pirate tutu on her as well.
and since she was allowing me to torture her I put her hair in pigtails
then she was finally fed up with me!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday Pictures

Monday we went to...yup you guessed it Grandma and Papa's pool! What can I say it's been hot and sunny and Cole happened to get Monday off unexpectedly so to the pool we went!

Grace hugging her Daddy!
Grace fell asleep on me in the yard swing.

My neck started to cramp so I laid her down next to me and she continued to sleep!

After we left the pool we headed to Cole's Auntie Carol's house for dinner. Carol lives across the street from the park, so everyone walked over to see Grace on the swing.

Grace's scrunchy face!

Cole's cousin Craig decided to join Grace.



Sunday's Pictures

Sunday we went to Grandma and Papa's house again!

First we hung out on the swings!

I love her silly face!
Love the arms rolls!
Seeing the world through Grace's eyes.
Filling Koko's pool.
Some water on the grass.
Grace and Daddy getting ready for the pool.
Uncle Cole and Jacob.
Some more arm rolls.
Jackson and Jacob enjoying the pool.
Grace watching the boys in the pool.