Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Well, I survived Thanksgiving! I knew it was going to be hard to resist stuffing my face, when, well, isn't that what Thanksgiving is for?! But I made it. I lost 1.8 pounds this week bringing my total to 75.4 pounds. I'm only 4.6 pounds way from hitting a reward weight loss.

A while ago when I was struggling I decided that having incentives might help me reach my goal. So I said that when I lost 50 pounds I could get a pedicure, and when I hit 65 pounds I could get a haircut. I've been setting rewards for every 15 pounds, so when I hit 80 pounds lost I can reward myself (although I still haven't gotten that pedicure yet!) the only problem is I haven't decided on a reward for 80 pounds yet. I have already decided that my 95 pound reward will be a massage! Anyone have any ideas on a reward?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quincy Parade

Sunday we took the kids to the Christmas parade in Quincy.
Grace sitting in her chair, waiting.
 We brought 2 single strollers, instead of our double, it's just so much easier to navigate through crowds with 2 singles.
 We had to wait a while for the parade to start, so we ate the lunches we had packed.
 Typical Carter, just lounging eating his sandwich.
 Lounging with Cole's hat.
 Grace convinced us to buy her a reindeer on a leash.
 The babies started to get fussy in their stroller, so Cole put Carter in the back pack carrier and I put Emma in the front carrier and they were content for the parade.
 The parade starting.
 Just taking it all in
 Emma is apparently going to be the next Queen, because that girl loves to wave! She waved to every single person for the whole parade. Such a dainty little princess wave too.
 Grace with her clapper.
 Carter loved playing with Cole's hat.
 Grace wanted a hug from almost every character in the parade. She did get one from Donald Duck.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Skate

We tried to take advantage of the nice weather and Cole's time off, so we crammed lots of stuff into this past weekend. On Saturday we took the kids to Patriot Place so Grace could skate at the rink there for her first time. 

Cole lacing up Grace's skate for what I'm sure will be the first time of many!

Thankfully Cole knows how to skate, because I have no clue how. 
 Carter trying to steal Emma's binkie.
 Grace loved it!
 Grace fell down a lot, but it didn't seem to bother her, she just kept smiling.
 "Look no hands!"
 Starting to get comfortable with Cole not helping her.

 The only way we could get Grace off the ice was to tempt her with ice cream!

La Salette

Friday morning I got up at 4am to brave the crowd at Walmart.  I didn't stand outside in the cold, but I managed to get everything I wanted and I was home by 6am. I took a little nap, then since it was unusually warm in November we took the kids to the playground behind the Maquan school in Hanson.
Grace was excited to be able to ride her bike! Maquan has a great paved area behind the school where there are no cars so it's great for learning how to ride a bike. 
 It's November in MA and Grace is only wearing a sweatshirt because it was so warm, this is so unheard of, but I'm loving it!
 After riding her bike for a few minutes she was ready to play on the playground!
 Emma was cracking up at Grace on the swing.
 "Uh-oh!" is Carter's favorite word right now. He yells it, then throws something on the ground, it's very cute, but not a fun game!
 After the playground we drove to La Salette to walk around and see all the lights. We were expecting it to be crazy busy because it just opened and it was a holiday weekend, but it wasn't that bad. We didn't hit any traffic getting there and managed to score a great parking spot. Don't get me wrong it was crowded, but no where near as crowded as I expected it to be!
 It worked out that it was such a warm night out, that way I didn't have to fight with the kids to keep their hats and gloves on!
On our way we stopped to get hot chocolate and coffee to drink while we walked around. Jack must have known where we were going because Friday morning he brought Grace her own travel mug to use!
 She looked like such a big girl walking around drinking her hot chocolate.
 Clopper the donkey.
 Grace asked me to take her picture with Santa.
 The lights around the pond are always my favorite.
 After we walked around all the lights we let Grace go on the carousel they have there. She loved it!
 Grace rocking her Polish roots.