Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Birthday Dinner

Last night we met the Brennans' for my sister's Birthday Dinner. We had a great time with them like we always do, and I of course took some pictures!

Cole and Grace getting ready to head to dinner.
Jackson coloring.
Grace staring at somebody or something.
Cole at dinner.
The Birthday Girl and Jackson
Jacob attacking his Daddy.
The Birthday Girl.
Blowing out the candles.
Jackson almost getting chocolate all over my sister.
Cole stole the camera to prove I was there too!
The Brennan Clan.
After dinner we went back to the Brennans' to hang for a little.
One of Auntie's silly pets, Luna.
Jackson and a half eaten Hersey Kiss.
Grace trying to climb over me.
Jacob, I love that dimple!

Monday, June 29, 2009



Party Time!

Saturday was my sister's surprise (she knew about it, she's to smart for us) Birthday Party. I took lots of pictures, but I'll just share a few highlights.

The kids played a lot!
Grace slept.

We had lots of yummy food!

Good friends came from far away.
The Birthday Girl was embarrassed by being the center of attention.
She blew out her candles!
and then Grace slept some more.
We had a great day and the rain managed to stay away for most of it. Josh did an amazing job
giving my sister a great party.
Happy Birthday to the World's Greatest Sister!
Today is her actual Birthday, so head over to her blog and leave her some birthday wishes. She's the big 3-0 today!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just Grace

Saturday morning after we set-up for my sister's party I took advantage of having an hour to kill, a cute dress, and the sun. Some of my favorites:



Friday afternoon Cole, I, and Grace headed to my parents' house to help set-up for my sister's surprise 30th Birthday party. The boys helped my Dad set-up while I hung with the kids.

Jacob slept in the swing.
Then him and Grace ate some Cheerios.
Jacob's beautiful lashes.
Grace tried to go from crawling to standing on her own, silly girl!
Then the three kids all played in the ball pit together.
Jackson gave his baby brother some love.
Grace tried to get Jack.
Grace escaped and Jacob decided to wrestle Jack.
Jackson thought it was funny.So did Jacob.
Then Jacob tried to escape!




Open Mouth Smiles

I love those open mouth smiles!