Monday, September 14, 2009

Ladybug Birthday Party

Sorry but this one is pretty picture heavy. I'm a little behind on blogging, but I'm hoping to catch up this week. I figured I'd do a detailed blog about Grace's birthday party, because I got so many of my ideas from other peoples' blogs. Enjoy!

I bought these labels off ebay to put on Hersey kisses.
I was so happy to find the Duncan-Hines cake mix and frosting are dairy free. I made the regular cupcakes, whipped the frosting, piped it on with a 1M swirl, added sprinkles, and stuck in these ladybugs. Cute, dairy free, and yummy! In fact I froze the left over cupcakes to eat later!
I made my own cupcake stand using cardboard cake circle and cups. Easy and cheap!
Ladybug crackers
Some drinks. I bought these ladybug cut outs and used them on everything.
I glued some wooden ladybugs to paperweights to keep the plates and napkins from blowing away.
I also glued black pom poms to many things to make it look like ladybug spots.
I attempted to make these mini pies. They were a pain so I only made a few.
I also made ladybug antennas out of pipe cleans for everyone to wear.
I tried to stick with the ladybug/picnic theme, so ants on a log!
French fry cookies to go with the hamburger cookies (picture further down.)
Grace all ready for her party!
So excited to be turning one!
Testing out her Zebra.
The banner I made. It's hard to see but it has the little ladybug cut outs on it.
I made her hat and painted her water bottle. I ordered her bib online, but the woman is no longer taking orders.
Diving into the ball pit.
Sleepy ladybug.

First cupcake!

Family picture.
Grace shared her cupcake with lots of people!

The mini hamburger and ladybug cookies my sister made.
Opening presents! Giving the baby a kiss.
So excited about a new baby.Giving the baby a hug through the box.
Another hug out of the box.
Jacob checking out the baby. Grace loving her new books.
All worn out after her party!
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