Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

I lost 1.5 pounds this week, which brings my total lost to 105.7 pounds. I had an okay week. I had a rough time Saturday night and gave in to both pizza and brownies, yikes! To make up for that though I busted my butt in the gym this week. On Monday I even went outside my comfort zone and tried something new, Zumba! I actually really enjoyed it, I looked like an idiot trying to do the moves, and I'm pretty sure I didn't do a single one right, but I definitely got a good sweat in!

In the month of March I lost 8.0 pounds, which I'm okay with, "they" say 1-2 pounds of weight loss a week is healthy. I'm happier with my inches lost this month.

In the month of March I lost:

0.25 inches neck
no change in my arms
1.5 inches chest
2.0 inches waist
2.0 inches hips
1.75 inches thigh
no change in my calf
That makes for a total of 7.5 inches lost in the last 4 weeks!

Since the beginning of this year I've lost 23.9 pounds.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Beach? In March!

We've all been all enjoying this unusually nice weather lately. On Tuesday, after we picked Grace up from school, we took all the kids to go play in the sand at the beach. I still can't believe we went to the beach in March!

I wasn't so sure what the babies would think of the sand. Emma loved it, from the start! She loved being able to run around. Carter was a little more hesitant, to his defense though, we did wake him up when we got there. At first when I put him down he just kept asking to come back up. So, Carter and I just snuggled, while the girls played for a while.
 " You woke me up for this?"
 "Woof woof!" 
The twins are obsessed with dogs and birds, so they were very happy with the animals at the beach!
Carter's chunky toes!
 Grace looking for sea shells. 
 After watching his sisters play for a while, Carter finally decided to go join the fun. 
 Cole and Grace decided to go down and put their feet in the water. 
 The babies watching Grace and Cole
 Deciding at the same time that throwing sand was a good idea. 
 Chasing Daddy!
 Such a little man!
 Emma feeling the water.
 Doing what little boys do best, getting dirty. 
 Grace found a shell!
 We tried to cuff Carter's pants, so they wouldn't get wet, he wanted no part of that!
 Drawing in the sand. 
 Crazy girl running to the water. 
 Carter spotted another dog!
 Emma eating LOTS of sand!
 Grace burying her feet in the sand. 
 Eating more sand!
 After playing on the beach for a while, we let the kids go play at the playground. 
We sure are going to miss this weather if it doesn't stick around!