Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

I lost 1.5 pounds since my last weigh in. That now brings my total to 54 pounds lost, leaving only 16 pounds until I reach my first goal of 70 pounds. I've been working out at least 5 times a week and alternating my workouts between yoga, running, kettlebells, boxing, sled dragging, etc. Switching up my workout is really helping me from getting bored.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Good Job Goat!"

Zoo Again

This past Saturday, we decided to use our zoo pass and take the kids to Capron Park Zoo again. We only managed to get in a quick visit, but after an hour the sky just opened up and it poured out! But until the rain started we had lots of fun!

I dressed the kids in animal themed clothes, because I'm dorky like that, and decided to try to get a group shot before heading to the zoo! Why I even try is beyond me! 
 Bahaha I love the look Emma is giving Carter!
 Grace checking out the turtles and kangaroos.
 2 cute little meerkats!
 and bats
 I think Carter was just stretching, but it sure looks like he's sick of listening to Emma blab on and on!
 The zoo signs always make me laugh!
 On Sunday we took a quick trip to Castle Island, where we got rained on again! I didn't take many pictures there, just a few of the little diva before we left!

Mommy Websites

What can I say, I love the internet! I turn to it for every resource possible! Head over to Signature Mom Blog to see some of my favorite Mommy websites!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

Saturday morning after Grace's last swim lesson, we got the kids dressed.
Then since we were in Boston picking up a check from one of Cole's clients we decided to head to Hampton Beach for a few hours.
 Once we got there we decided to grab lunch before walking along the board walk.
 After lunch we hit the board walk, where Grace insisted she needed her sunglasses!
 We stopped at one shop where Grace insisted she wanted a temporary tattoo. Stupid thing is still on her arm!
 Then we let Grace go play at the arcade.
 The babies just took in all the noise and lights.
 After the arcade we walked along the beach for a little bit.
 While Emma slept, Grace played at the playground.
 Carter just lounged while Emma slept and Grace played.
 After the playground we went home and all 3 kids slept well that night!

10 Months

Emma and Carter are now 10 months old, which means only 2 months until they are one! Time really needs to slow down, big time! As sad as I am about how fast they are growing up, I just love this age! They are learning new things every day and are so fun to be around. Trying to get their picture together proved to be pretty impossible.
 I bribed them with a spoon and a book, but could not get them to look at the camera, at least they were sitting still!
 After 2 pictures, Carter was done and tried to escape! Cole saved him from falling over!
 Emma and Carter are both wearing 9 month clothes, a few 9-12 months, but mostly just 9 months. They are still in size 3 diapers, but I think we'll be moving up to size 4 soon. Emma has 2 bottom teeth and Carter has 7! They are both sleeping in the same room together and are sleeping through the night! They love table food and usually eat whatever we are eating. They both will push toys around the house, Emma will let go and try to take steps, but Carter is content holding on. Emma is such a Daddy's girl, but Carter is a Mama's boy! Both babies will say Mama and Dada. Emma will attempt to say Lily, Up, and Grace, if prompted.
Carter is such a ticklish baby, but Emma isn't ticklish at all. Carter is cool with playing by himself, while Emma and Grace are almost always playing together. Emma and Grace play, well, like sisters. They laugh a lot and they piss each other off a lot!

In only 2 short months I'll have two 1 year olds, yikes!


I've been trying to get crafty lately. Every project gets a little better, but they are still far from perfect. I started with a dress for Grace's birthday. Grace really wants a Dora party, so I found some Dora fabric that I basically had to just sew the ends together and add straps, super easy.
 I had a tiny bit of Dora fabric left over so I made a onesie dress for Emma to wear.
I decided to have the twins have a thing 1 thing 2 themed birthday party.  So I made Emma a tutu to wear. I made it a little crazier then normal tutu, seeing that thing 1 and thing 2 are pretty crazy!
 And I found the cutest tutorials on my favorite site, Pinterest, so I decided to mix this tutorial and this one and made a Halloween dress for Miss Grace.