Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Parade

Sunday we headed to the Christmas parade in Quincy with the Brennans'. It was a really great day out and the parade was nice. We all had a great time! Needless to say I took a million pictures!
I love Gracie's little scarf!

Jacob with his horn!

We're suckers and bought Grace a little mini Lily on a leash.

Grace's "cheese" face.

Jack with the horn.

Jackson waving.

Jacob loved the parade!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had a great Thanksgiving. First we went to my parents' house for lunch, then we went out to dinner with Cole's siblings and Dad.

Handsome Jackson

Grace giving Uncle Josh some love!

Cousin picture time!

Grace trying to kiss Jacob

and a hug

She loves her cousins!

Handsome Jacob


This picture is blurry but Gracie and Cole look so much alike here!

and just a comparison from last year!

Best Friends Part Two

Part One

Silly Girl

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ornament Tradition

Cole and I started a tradition back in 2001. We didn't know at the time that we were starting one. It was our first Christmas together. We were Seniors in high school. We decided to buy our first ornament together. It said "Our First Christmas Together."

Well in 2002 when Christmas time rolled around again, we decided to buy another ornament together.

Well by 2003 we knew it was tradition so again we bought an ornament.

And again in 2004

And in 2005

In 2006 we decided that our ornaments each year should now signify important events that happened that year, instead of just cute lovey ornaments. So in 2006 we went to Aruba as a graduation gift from my in laws. So it seemed appropriate to get an Aruba ornament.

In 2007 we got Lily. We also got married this year, but getting a Lily ornament just seemed fitting!

In 2008 we had Grace so we got the "Our first baby'ornament.

We decided that we would carry on this tradition for our kids. So every year we will continue to buy an ornament for us, but also buy an ornament for each kid. The plan is then when our kids get married and move out they will have an ornament collection of their own to take with them. So last year for Grace we got her a "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament

Cole and I haven't picked out an ornament for us yet this year, but we picked up Grace's the other day.  We got her a shoe that has the year on it. We figured this was fitting where she took her 1st steps and learned to walk this year. While I was looking for an ornament for her, mixed in with other ornament was on that said "Grace." I knew I had to buythat one was well.

We place all these ornaments and other special meaning ornaments on a tree on the kitchen table so that neither Grace nor Lily can get to them.

Last night we had Grace place her new ornaments on the tree.

And since I'm sharing pictures of ourornaments here our a few that other people have given us that our special. A marriage ornament and a Small World orament. Cole actually bought the Small World one for me. That Christmas I had bought the ornament for my sister because Small World was my Garndmother's favorite ride in Disney and I mean favorite. She would ride it multiply times every year when her and my Grandfather would go on their vacation to Disney. My Grandmother passed away in 1997 from Breast Cancer. Small World will always remind me of my grandmother. When I saw this ornament a few years ago I knew I had to get it for my sister because she would have the same association with it as I did. Cole knowing how I felt about this ornament went out and got me the same one that year. I was so surprised. Grace loves this ornament and every morning while we eat breakfast she has me wind it up and we watch the kids dance and every morning hearing that song brings tears to my eyes!

A nursing ornament that I got the year I became an RN!

And Cole's "Best Uncle" ornament from Jackson!

Santa Take 2

We took Grace to the Bass Pro Shop last night to try to get another Santa picture. (Click here, if you don't know what happened the first time we tried to see Santa.) The Bass Pro Shop is huge and plus they were doing free pictures with Santa, so we figured it's worth a shot. We got there early so we grabbed a bite to eat at Five Guys, yum! Then we headed over to Bass Pro Shop.

Cole and Grace in front of the Christmas tree.

Poor Grace was afraid of the fake animals at first.

We waited in line for maybe 20 minutes to see Santa. Grace did great waiting. She was excited about Santa and kept saying 'Ho, ho, ho!" They was a cute dog in front of us in line, Grace kept going over to it and opening her mouth because she wanted doggy kisses...gross! The people with the dog thought it was so funny. Grace certainlyy is a dog person. It was finely our turn, we placed Grace down and tears!

So Cole tried, but still tears.

Then we tried a family picture, no tears! Santa was great and did a great job calming Grace down!

We then went to see the fish and all was right in the world again!