Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Loot

Just a few of the things the kids got for Christmas!

Snow Time

Well we got hit with some snow Sunday into Monday. Grace kept talking about going outside to play in the snow. We all got bundled up and took the kids outside. Grace was excited at first, until she tried to walk in the snow, then she was not happy. Grace would take 2 steps then ask Cole to pick her up.
Excited at first

"Snow sucks!"
 Cole tried to convince Grace that snow was fun, but she could not be convinced.
 Cole: "Look, let's make snow angels!"
Grace: "Daddy up! Daddy pick Gracie up!"
 Grace loved it as long as she didn't have to touch the snow at all!

 "Help me!" "Daddy up!"
 The Brennans' met us outside and the kids all played for a little while. The toddlers had a really hard time walking in the snow!
Because Grace and Jacob were having a hard time walking in the snow I convinced them to stay on the shoveled stairs, which worked for 2 seconds, then the arguing started.

Here's how the conversation went:
Grace: "Mama, Jacob have boogies!"
Jacob: "No, stop!"
Grace: "No, you stop."
Jacob: "Stop!"
Grace: "STOP!"
Me: "Ok, both of you stop, no is even doing anything." Cue Grace tantrum.
Grace and Jacob arguing
 Quick tantrum recovery and Grace smiles again!
After playing in the snow we all went in and Grace took a bathie with her new bath toys and bath paints.
Grace sporting her Dora tattoo

After Grace's bath she took a nap, thank god! After her nap Grace and Emma played in her new tent from Auntie Cassie.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Videos

Christmas Times 3

The day after Christmas we headed over to Cole's Mom's house to have Christmas with them. Unfortunately because of the impending snow storm we opened presents, ate, and then had to leave right away. We had a great time for the few hours there and we all got great presents, including a new vacuum, alleluia!

Carter excited about more presents!

Not impressed with their shirts!

All 3 ready to go to Nana's house

Grace rocking her new jacket from Glen

Grace excited about her present from Auntie Cassie

Cassie playing in Grace's present

Grace showing Uncle Andy her new clothes

Carter snuggling his new blankie from Uncle Andy

Carter playing in his present from Nana

Grace showing off her ring

Grace and Emma

3 kids, probably planning their next meltdown, so that they can all freak out at the same time to make Mama crazy!

Babies talking