Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dr. Seuss Birthday

This past weekend we had the twins' 1st birthday party. I was worried about the weather in October so we decided to have it at Camp Kiwanee, turns out Sunday was a beautiful day, so we could've just had it here, oh well.

I was supposed to be able to get in 2 hours before the party to decorate, so I planned on doing lots of decorating, and it was just going to be me, since Cole would stay with the kids. Well I got to the camp and there was another function taking place. I had Cole call to find out what was going on. The staff was extremely nice and assured me the other function would be over soon. They did also help me unload my car, but by the end I only had an hour to set up all the decorations and food, so a lot of decorations didn't get put out. 
I'm a theme hoar, so when I pick a theme, I try to carry it all the way through! I made Poodles with noodles pasta salad, and cheese trees, cat in the hat oreos...
Green eggs and ham
I was planning on making cute thing 1/thing 2 cupcakes with blue cotton candy on top, but when I opened up the cotton candy it was not blue. It worked out though, because I did not have time, nor would the cotton candy have held up in the hot weather.
I also made some hop on popcorn, 1 fish 2 fish only red fish jello
Green eggs and ham pretzels (pretzels chocolate and green M&Ms), yertle caramel turtles (pretzels with rolos and pecans!), and Brown Bar-ba-loots truffula fruits
I had gathered all of our Dr. Seuss books and placed them all around the hall.
I had ran to Job Lot the day before the party to grab some crackers, while I was there I found a Dr. Seuss birthday puzzle and just had to have it for the party.
I found some Dr. Seuss theme print outs online and had them on each table. (Print out 1, 2, and 3)
I managed to find a Cat in the Hat shirt for Grace at Target on clearance over the summer!
Carter looks repulsed my Emma's tutu!
The babies eating some pizza
Miss Emma Kate
Our sad attempt at a family picture
The kids playing with the puzzle
The party was right in the middle of the twins' nap, so we had to find ways to keep them contained and happy!
Opening presents! Emma's head is just a little smaller then Carter's!
Cake time!
They both devoured their cupcakes!