Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Like I said, we had a very busy weekend! On Saturday we went to the Museum of Science, then on Sunday we went to Cole's Aunt's house for a cookout.

Emma before we left.
 Carter being a big boy standing!
 Carter and Emma
 Cole's Aunt's house has a playground right across the street, which Grace loved!
 Emma eating her first watermelon!
Then on Sunday we got ready and went to the parade in Rockland. 
Emma before we left.
 Happy girl!
 Emma's new kissy face!
 Grace and Emma wearing their matching dresses.
 I wish this picture wasn't so blurry.
 Carter and Emma at the parade.
 All 3 kids at the parade.
 Grace ready for the parade.
 Cole trying to keep napless Grace happy while waiting for the parade.
 The babies think their Mama is pretty funny!
 Grace watching the parade.
 After the parade we all went back to Grandma and Papa's house for our first swim of the season. The kids all surprisingly loved the water, which is a huge change for Grace! The past few summers Grace has hated the pool, but she seemed to really like it yesterday. Emma was a huge fish and couldn't get enough of the big pool!
 Carter and Emma checking out the baby pool.
We had a fun weekend! The babies learned lots of new tricks this weekend. They both learned to clap, Carter can say yay, they both have wave a little, Emma has come really close to crawling, Carter loves standing, Emma now makes kissy noises, and Emma became a little goofball the past few days! They all are growing up so fast!

Science Museum

We had a very busy, but fun weekend! On Saturday we took the kids to the Boston Science Museum, which our Buttonwood Pass got us all in for free!

Grace's face when we first got there! So much to see!
 Grace loved pressing all the buttons at every exhibit!
 Carter and Emma taking it all in!
 Buttons to press, plus a computer, makes for one happy toddler!
 Grace had so much fun!
 More buttons to press.
 Grace and Cole sleeping in the space shuttle.
 Emma and Carter checking out the dinosaur.
 More computer fun!
 Grace checking out the bubbles.
 After we finished 1 out of 3 of the floors, we decided to go eat lunch. We brought our lunch with us, but grabbed drinks from the cafe, and our pass got us a discount there as well!
Emma was very happy to be eating lunch!
 Carter was just happy chewing on a spoon.
 Grace was happy about lunch as well!
 The view from lunch is the best part!
After lunch we let Grace play on the musical stairs and then we went to the play area for a while. 
Grace playing on the musical stairs.
 The babies loved the little baby play area.

Science Museum Video

After the play area we went back to do the other 2 floors of the museum.
Can you see the talking heads?
Learning is tiring!
Grace and Cole on the see-saw.
Grace loved the playground exhibit!
Spinning by herself.
Digging for treasure.
Learning is double tiring!
Grace measuring dinosaurs.
The kids all had so much fun at the museum and they all slept on the way home!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Babies Talking

Babies Laughing At Grace

Baby Kisses

Touch A Truck

On Sunday we took the kids to the East Bridgewater Touch A Truck. They all seemed to have fun. We went last year as well, it's crazy to see how much Grace has grown in a year! Last year it was so hot and humid out, but this year it was a lot colder, which I didn't mind at all.

Grace waiting to go see the trucks.
 I love Emma's face seeing the tractor.
 Cousinly love!
 Grace driving the plane.
 All three checking out the tractor
 Grace and Jackson in the tractor bucket

 I can see the future! This will be the three of them in 11 years when Jack gets his license. At least Grace was telling them all to buckle up!
 Holding hands!
 I think she was more into the hat then the car.
 In the back of the SWAT truck.
 Police Car
 Grace looks way to happy about being in the back of the police car.
Grace had a great time and surprisingly the babies didn't mind all the noise!