Friday, August 14, 2009

11 Months

Gracie only one more month left until your first birthday! I still can't believe it was almost over a year ago I gave birth to you, yet at the same time it feels like you've always been here with us! You make Daddy and I's life so much brighter and better. You're our everything!-You want to walk so badly and often let go to try to walk to Lily, but end up falling.
-You can now say Momma, Dada, Lily, Up, Hi, Hat, Head, No (your favorite!) you also say mmmmommmmmommm ( which means you're hungry)
-You've started to put words together you can say "Hi Momma/Dada/Lily" "No Momma/Dada/Lily" You also tell us to do things like "Momma up" or "Dada hat" if you want to be picked up or you'd like us to put something on our heads.
-You are a climber and will try to climb anything! (we're in so much trouble!)
- You also are fearless and don't hesitate to do something (we're in so so much trouble). As much as this quality makes me nervous I also hope it's something you always have. I have always been overly cautious and hesitant about everything I do, which has prevented me from doing and experiencing a lot of things. I hope you never have this.
- You have the best laugh and I love the way you scrunch your nose
-You love phones (real or fake) and will hold it up to your ear to talk. I guess this is just a girl thing!
-You hate being by yourself and usually scream if left to play alone. Daddy and I are both suckers and come running at every little whimper.
-You love your Daddy so much and cling to him like glue when he comes home from work. Once you catch sight of him he can't put you down for at least 30 minutes.
-You love babies and anything to do with babies. You also love to kiss them, whether they're a doll, a picture, the mirror, or real they are going to be kissed!
-You are very generous with kisses and love to kiss everyone.
-You really love your cousins and get excited to see them.
-You're a champ about eatting. You feed yourself without assistance and will eat pretty much anything we give you. You really love scrambled eggs and most fruit although we're having a hard time finding one that doesn't bother your belly.
-We've started to introduce soy milk in addition to the breast milk. You drink it without any problems.
-You are in general a really happy baby!
-You love crowds and enjoy everyone talking to you.

Grace you're an amazing little girl and Daddy and I feel so fortunate that we get to watch you grow and blossom everyday. We love you!

Monthly pictures

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Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Oh My Goodness Kristen ... is she really almost a year old? How the heck does the time go by so fast? She is growing like a weed and is as cute as ever! I just love her legs ... what a wonderful birthday celebration you guys are going to have ... Happy 11 months Grace!

Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your new house ... Hugs from MN!