Tuesday, September 15, 2009

12 months

Happy Birthday Gracie! Sunday you turned 1! I can't believe a whole year has come and gone. You have changed our lives for the better. You bring joy and laughter into our lives each and every day. We can't believe how much you grow and change month to month. You have such a personality and are usually the center of attention!

Things you can now do:

- You can stand not holding on to anything. You are getting very close to walking and have even taken a few steps.
-You can now say Momma, Dada, Lily, up, no, ok, yes, done, down, this, that, hat, head, Jacob, Jackson.
-You can sign milk, more,all done, and eat.
-You can shake your head no and you can point to your head when asked.
-You love food and will eat anything (as long as it has no allergens in it.)
-We found out this month you're allergic to goat milk as well.
-You can make some animal sounds: a dog, a bee, and a fish. You're pretty close to saying moo for a cow.
-You can get on and off your ride on toys on your own.
-You love babies and kids!
-You give great hugs and sometimes kisses.
-You love your blankie.
-You've started weaning yourself from breastfeeding and only do it before naps and bed, but if we are out you'll fall asleep in the car without it.
-We've started sleeping in a bed together and you are doing great!
-You hate wearing headbands and rip them out as soon as they go on.
- You love dogs and aren't the least bit afraid of them.
-Your favorite song right now is head, shoulders, knees, and toes.
-Your favorite toys are Tupperware, cell phones, cutting boards, pot and pans. Basically anything that isn't a toy.
-You love books and will play with your book bin for 20 minutes uninterrupted.

We love you baby girl! Keep growing!