Thursday, July 12, 2012


I've mentioned in the past that I'm always using fitday, it's free and I'm able to track my calories, weights, measurements, etc. What I love about the website is it stores all my past weigh-in and measurements. Out of curiosity after doing my measurements last night, I looked up my measurements from last July.

Since last July I've lost:

1.5 inches in my neck
4 inches in each of my biceps
1.25 inches in each of my forearms
8.25 inches in  my chest
9.5 inches in my waist
10.5 inches in my hips
6 inches in each of my thighs
3.25 inches each of my calves

That brings my total inches lost in the last year to 58.75. When I add it all up like that it puts each little inch into prospective. 

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