Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Goals and Review

Every year I like to set new goals for the new year and I also like to look back at my goals from last year to see what I've accomplished and what I've failed at.

Goals for 2011 Review
1- Once again, my goal, like every other year, is to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. No excuses this year, it just has to happen. This goal I actually accomplished. I had set out to lose 70 pounds, but lost 80 pounds!
2- Be a better Mom. There are things I could do better/ handle better. There's always room for improvement. Yes, and no. I feel like I did somethings better, but there is still more I could have done
3- Keep a better organized house. Things kind of went down hill when I got pregnant with the twins and had to take it easy. Cole tried really hard to keep up with the house but between working and taking care of me and Grace the everyday stuff just kind of took a back seat. I have gotten the downstairs put of the house back in order now, but I really need to reorganize bedrooms, clothes, and the basement. This one I did. I made a house cleaning schedule that list what is to be cleaned each day. 

I figured we should set some goals for the kids to try to reach this year as well. Their goals are more goals for us to try to help them achieve. 

Goals for Grace
1- Become potty trained! Grace is a rock star and accomplished this goal in the first month of 2011
2- Learn her ABC's and counting Grace counts and does her version of the ABC's, they aren't perfect, but she does a great job trying.
3- Start Preschool Yes and she loves it!
Goals for Emma & Carter 
1- Try to loose their adjusted age by 1. I'd love for them to be caught up, or close to caught up,  age wise by 1 to other kids their age. This includes things like rolling, crawling, walking, and talking.We will try our hardest to work through delays. Obviously we will not be upset if they are still delayed at 1, I just want to make sure that Cole and I do our part to do all we can. I am very happy to say that Carter and Emma are right on track and no longer need their adjusted age!

Goals for 2012:

1- Lose another 70 pounds. I hope to continue counting calories and losing weight. I would like to add in some time at the gym, nothing crazy, just 2 days a week. I also want to increase my water intake. I want to start slow and add in 2-3 glasses of water each day. I am hoping the more I drink water, the more my body will crave it, so over time I'll be able to get in more water each day. 

2- I want to read at least 25 books this year. Last March I set out to read 25 books in 2011, I came close at 21 books, but didn't hit my goal. This year I really want to reach my goal!

3- I'm issuing a challenge to myself. I want to go the whole month of January, without cheating on my diet at all. In December I had 5 cheat meals, and I just feel like that it to many, so to make sure I'm back on track, and to start the year off strong, I want to go 31 consecutive days, without a single cheat meal. I know it is impossible to go through life without ever cheating, that's why my challenge is only one month long, but I do need to prove to myself that I can do it. 

I have yet to set goals for the kids yet, but I hope to set some soon. I feel like it's good for everyone to have goals to strive for. 

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