Tuesday, June 10, 2008


WooHoo! We've officially reached viability, not that I want to see you any time Grace. You still need at least another 13 weeks before you are welcome here! Well, 24 weeks down, only 13 weeks left until full term and 16 weeks left until our due date.

"At this point, your baby is growing steadily, with about a quarter of a pound of new weight and still approximately a foot long. Sure they're not so chubby yet, but just wait that'll come. Their lungs are also getting more prepared for the outside world." Well, Grace is still a little moving machine and I love it! I'm still getting sick, still losing weight, still have pelvic pain, etc. I still am waiting to pop, I don't think it has happened yet, just waiting for a big ole' baby bump, hopefully soon. I hate being in that awkward is she fat or pregnant stage.
We have our 3D ultrasound next Monday and I can't wait, just hoping Grace cooperates!
I guess that's it for now, nothing really to blog about!

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