Tuesday, September 2, 2008

36 weeks

So here we are 36 weeks, only 1 more week until Grace is full term and 4 until our due date. I can now officially say that we are due THIS month!

As far as updates, there really isn't any new news. I'm having contractions off and on, but nothing timeable and nothing overly painful. I'm just hoping that they start to do something real soon!

Baby Updates:
"Your baby is almost ready and most likely, so are you! The only organ still to mature is the lungs. While certainly you are both growing anxious to meet, remember that each day (up to 42 weeks), that your little one stays within your womb will multiply his chances to breathe on her own. If she hasn't already, this week your baby may drop into the birth canal. While breathing for mom becomes easier, walking may be the exact opposite! If she's not your first baby, this "lightening" may not occur until right before labor. Fat is dimpling your baby's elbows and knees, and forming creases in the neck and wrists. Her skin is growing smooth and, shall we say it, "baby" soft. Her gums are very rigid. It won't be many months before you'll see her teeth.
She has a fully developed pair of kidneys and her liver has begun processing some waste products. Your child's average size is now 18.66 inches (47.4cm) and 5.78 pounds (2622 g). Between now and birth she will gain about an ounce a day"

My new craving is bananas in ice cream. I love Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey..yum!
And tonight I had a banana split (minus the hot fudge, I don't really like hot fudge)
Well, that's it for now, hopefully Miss Grace will make her debut sooner than later!


Auntie said...

Wanna hear something crazy? At this exact point in my pregnancy with Jackson, today is the day that I was hospitalized and Sunday is the day I was induced. It's so crazy to think that Gracie could really come at almost any point now - which would be fine now since her hospital gift arrived in the mail yesterday ;)

Kristen said...

That is crazy! It's even crazier that, that was 3 years ago!

Uncle Josh said...

yuck...walnuts in ice cream, bleh!

ClarkFamily said...

Oh My Gosh Kristen ... can you believe you will be a mommy this month! I can't believe it - I only started following your blog a few months ago but I admit I am addicted like a lifetime movie ... I can't wait to see pictures of Grace ... and of course I hope you are feeling better ... and one more thing - YUMMY to the chunky monkey - too bad I can't eat ice cream of I would be ALL over that!

Have a great weekend!

Rebekah, Jaden & Baby#2 too