Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Due date

Well our due date is finally here! I can't imagine still being pregnant right now, I'm pretty sure I would have lost my mind if I was pregnant.

Poor Miss Grace has a cold right now and is miserable, I feel so bad for her. Cole and I are taking turns staying up with her to make sure she keeps breathing. Grace is sleeping well during the day, but is up all night. Our princess also hates sleeping in her bed, she prefers to sleep on us and for our sanity we often let her, other wise we would get even less sleep then we are currently getting.

Plus some added pictures!

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ClarkFamily said...

OMG! Kristen that is too funny that today is your due date! Thank goodness she came early huh? I am so bummed that Little Grace has a cold already - WTH! I am also sorry about the lack of sleep ... I am NOT looking forward to that again that's for sure ... I hope it gets better but then again she is only 2 weeks old ... and good luck on the bed sleeping thing ... just an FYI - we 'let' Jaden sleep on us at all times because it was so much easier ... fast forward 2 years and she NEVER fell asleep in her crib ... until it converted to a toddler bed that is ... so *try* to get her in that bed if your heart and exhausted bodies can do it ... like I said - I couldn't but this time around you can bet I will! Hope you are feeling better ... and I LOVE the picture of Grace with her puppy sister Lily - too cute!

Rebekah, Jaden & Baby#2