Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas cards

So the last few days I've been dressing Grace up and taking pictures of her for our Christmas card. I must have taken over 200 pictures, but I did manage to get a few good shots. I'm not going to share the pictures that made it to are Christmas card, you have to wait for your Christmas card to see those, but I will share some runner ups.

Lily got in the picture all on her own, she was very offended I wasn't taking pictures of her.


Auntie said...

I just want to eat her up!!!

auntie cassie said...

omggggggg so cuteeeeeeeeee.

ClarkFamily said...

Oh Kristen! I just love her ... and those cheeks and thighs ... I agree with her lucky Aunties - I want to eat her up too! Can't wait to see the picture you chose ... all the 'bloopers' were GREAT!

Hope you are feeling well and Miss Gracie's cold is gone!

Hugs from MN!

Rebekah - Jaden - Baby#2 too!

Uncle Josh said...

Someone tell Auntie Cassie her keyboard is broken - she has some stuck keys! ;)

I love Lilly's face...

And it was so nice of Daddy to lend Gracie his Christmas panties for these cute pictures!