Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Twin Purchases

We finally made a few purchases for the twins, well 2 to be exact, and both of them are from Craigslist. Probably about a month ago I saw a listing for the Twin Nursing Pillow I wanted. The pillow normally runs around $50 and this woman had it listed for $15. We emailed back and forth and I found out she had boy/girl twins who were 2 years old. The woman offered to give me the twin clothes she had left over from her babies. I graciously excepted them, and the woman just gave them to me for free! So I got a barely used nursing pillow and a bag of nice Children's Place baby clothes all for $15. Yay!

This is what the nursing pillow looks like:

Then a week ago I searched Craigslist for a Double Snap N Go stroller for when the twins are infants. The stroller noprmally runs about $100 new and $40-$50 used. I saw one listed for $20 and jumped on it. So Sunday Cole and I went into the city and picked up the barely used stroller...double yay!

This is what the stroller looks like:

 Every couple days I check Craigslist for other used items we need, like swings and bouncy seats. Cole's Aunt has informed us she has an extra crib we can use, which will be so helpful! Once we find out the sexes of the twins, which is hopefully a week from tomorrow, we'll go place a bunch of items we need on lay-away. Now, we are no where near being close to having everything we'll need for the twins, but it's a start, and a great one!

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