Monday, May 3, 2010

Zoo Time

Saturday, last minute, Cole and I decided to take Grace to the Franklin Park Zoo. It was HOT out, so we packed LOTS of water and food and just walked VERY slowly.
Some bird, a condor maybe??
Grace looking at the large bird.
Grace looking at the flamigos.
Not quite sure what to think of them.
Grace telling me "No"
Grace looking at the Emu.
Grace and the gorilla.
Grace eating a freeze pop as big as her. All 3 of us split it, and we still couldn't finish it.
A sleepy Lion.
Grace and the lion.
The goat kept "talking" to Grace.
She wasn't to sure about it.
Grace looking at the peacock.
Grace's face once the peacock started making noises.

Overall we had a great day. I tried to be prepared and we stopped often to rest, eat, and drink lots of water, but at the end of the day, I was WIPED! Walking the zoo caused my sciatica pain to flair up. I literally couldn't move Saturday night, but after lots of rest, a heating pad, and a back massage from Cole, I'm finally able to move again. It's crazy, just how much energy these babies are taking from me.

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