Friday, October 1, 2010

35 Weeks

Dr's Appointment: Well, you already know how that went. Aside from my bp. my OB did the GBS swap and checked my cervix. My cervix is closed but Emma's head is right there! When my OB checked me she was like "wow, this right here is her head! She's certainly head down and engaged!"My waddle must be ridiculous because both my OB and RN, who see pregnant women all day everyday, were commenting on how much of a waddle it is, lovely!
NST: NST went fine, aside from my bp. The RN we had was super nice and actually had a set of twins her self. She said when I walked in she "knew" I was pregnant with twins, before even looking at my chart. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Bed Rest Update: Well today is only day 1 on bed rest and I feel yucky. I'm so swollen that my fingers, feet, and eyes all hurt. I know that is not a good sign, when I got to this point with Grace I was being induced. I was so swollen, hot, and uncomfortable last night that I ended up getting up at 2am to shower to try to cool off and soothe my swollen feet. I also can't believe how much I'm missing Grace already, I guess I never realized how much of my day to day life revolves around her. Cole's Dad is babysitting her today while Cole works. I'm sure Grace is having a blast, I'm just really missing her.  I'm really hoping to keep these babies in this weekend. I'm hoping at the worst I'll wind up on hospital bedrest. The thought of having babies in the NICU makes me a nervous wreck.

How Far Along? 35 weeks

Maternity Clothes? I'm out growing all my maternity shirts and look ridiculous I only have a few shirts and 2 pairs of pants that fit.

Weight Gain? I actually lost 5-6 pounds in the last week, which is weird because I'm so swollen. My nausea has been awful lately, so I haven't really been eating.
Stretch Marks? Yes, getting more every day!

Sleep? What's that?
Best Moment of the Week? Seeing the babies on the u/s on Monday.

Genders? A boy and a girl...Coleman Carter and Emily Katherine

Belly Button In or Out? neither, it's flat & so sore.

Cravings? Nothing really, I haven't been feeling good so I haven't been eating much.

What I Miss? being able to move or sit without feeling like I've just been hit in the crotch with a baseball bat.

What I Love? Feeling both babies move, watching Grace talk to the babies! She now asks me if she can hold the babies, I keep telling her that she'll be able to hold them soon!

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Getting the results back from my urine. I'm really hoping these babies can hang on until at least 36 weeks, if not longer.
Milestones? 35 weeks. I have a c/s scheduled for 10-25, but I'm really doubting we'll get there.

Feeling the Babies Move? They aren't really kicks these days, but more rolling.

Other Thoughts? I'm just so happy and thankful to have made it this far. Keep growing babies!

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