Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good and Bad News

I went to the hospital today to drop off my urine and have my labs drawn. While I was there they wanted me to head uo to L&D to check my bp. I went upstairs and they had me lay on my left side and my bp was 100/58, which is very low for me. They checked it again and it was 120/68, perfect! The Dr. on call there wanted me to wait there until they got the urine results back, so the RN had me do another NST, which was fine, and rechecked my bp, 138/78, but this time I wasn't on my left side.

The results came back and my protein is up and my blood work isn't looking great, but the Dr. let me go home on bed rest, but wants me to repeat my urine and bloodwork on Monday. The Dr. also wants me to see my Dr. on Monday morning and depending on how quickly my protein and labs seem to increase we will discuss induction on Monday! Whoa!

So it's still a waiting game, but for right now I'll at least continue to be pregnant until Monday, unless of course the babies have other plans. I can't believe how fast this is all happening. I guess we'll have more answers, hopefully on Monday.

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