Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bed Rest

I had my OB appointment today and my bp is up and my protein is up as well. I'm doing a 24 hour urine Friday into Saturday. Saturday after I drop off my urine they want me to head up to L&D to check my bp. At the office it was 140/80 then I went to L&D for a NST and it was 170/80, 168/79, and then 140/79.  My OB said to be on bed rest until we get the results of the urine. I'm hoping that if my protein is up it's not high enough that they'll have to take the babies. I'm really hoping to get the babies to at least 36 weeks, if not 37 weeks. It all just suddenly seems so really and I'm scared. I knew the babies were coming soon, I just didn't know that soon meant maybe this weekend.
As a side note both babies did great at the NST and Carter would not sit still. He hates having the toco on him and kept kicking it and the nurse. The nurse was finally able to get a good tracing on him once she stood there and held the toco.
So, I'm just resting and hoping to keep these babies in a little bit longer!

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