Monday, October 10, 2011


On Wednesday I turned 27, how did that happen? I feel like just yesterday I was 16. I dressed the kids in matching Halloween shirts and tried to get some cute pictures of them all together, yeah this is what happened instead...
 Got one baby in the frame
 And let the bottle battle start
Notice the 2nd bottle next to Emma, nope both babies want the same bottle. 
 Stop the fighting and give each baby a bottle.
 Emma throws her bottle and steals Carter's.
 And another fight breaks out!
 Now, let's try all 3!
 Emma's done, okay, so maybe just 2 kids.
 Grace got Emma to come back.
 but Carter is now done.
 Okay, I'll settle for 1 picture where 2 kids are smiling.
 Cole tried to get the kids to take a picture with me, since, you know it was my birthday. Grace was willing to take 1 picture.
 Emma was not happy and Carter was not even willing to try (cue temper tantrum).
 Maybe next year on my birthday the kids will be more willing to take pictures, maybe!

After the picture craziness we all went to DSW to try to find me a new pair of boots, I had no luck. Then we all went to the Charlie Horse for my free birthday dinner.
While we waited for dinner Grace sang to me

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