Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

We decided on Monday after Cole got home from work that we would take the kids pumpkin picking. We didn't get to go last year because we had 2 teeny tiny pumpkin babies. I dressed the kids alike, well, because I love it! They will hate me for sure when they get older for it, but I still love it!

I sadly thought that since they were dressed so cute I would get a nice picture! I should know better then now to even try, seeing as I had just attempted this on my birthday, but I tried any ways. Well, this is how it went:

 Yup, it ended with all 3 kids crying!
After I tortured them with pictures, we then loaded up the car and headed to Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon. When we got there all the kids were sleeping so Cole ran in to get us some lunch from their food counter there. After we ate we all got out and waited for the tractor to take us out to the pumpkin patch.
 Cole wore Carter, while I wore Emma, so that we'd have free hands for Grace and pumpkins.
 It was so hot out, so we were all super sweaty, which is not usually how pumpkin picking goes!
 On the tractor.
 Emma and Carter weren't so sure about the tractor ride.
 Grace picked the pumpkin she wanted and then just wanted to go back to play at the playground.
 Another sad attempt at a family picture. At least we have a part of everyone in it, Carter's profile, Emma's head, and Grace's arm.
 And then Grace told me she was done with pictures. I can't really blame her, it was 85 degrees out and we all had on pants and close toe shoes on because pumpkin picking gets messy!
 I just love Emma's little curls!
 After we picked our pumpkins, we took the tractor back to the store, and paid for the pumpkins. I took the kids back to the car to get the stroller, while Cole went and got us all cold drinks at the store.
 After a cold drink we all went over to play at the playground there.
 This slide scares the hell out of me! Thankful Grace only went down it once, I think it scared the hell out of her as well!
 They have tractor tires for the kids to climb on, which Grace really liked.
 They also have this 4 person see-saw type thing.
 Grace really liked climbing the huge hay stack they have.
 After the hay, we went to see all the animals.
By the time we left it was almost dinner time so we drove to Red Robin at Patriot's Place, which was only 5 minutes away! Poor Emma was so tired that she fell asleep on me while we were walking in to the restaurant, and slept through the whole thing!

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