Tuesday, April 8, 2008

15 Weeks

Another week has come and gone, only 25 weeks left to go. I can't believe how fast the weeks go, but I guess when you measure your life in weeks it's bound to go fast.

Baby Info:
"Your baby's skin is still very thin and his little body is now completely covered in fine downy hair called lanugo. Almost all babies will shed their lanugo near the end of the pregnancy. It will float in the amniotic fluid - he will even naturally swallow some of it! The liver, kidneys, stomach and gall bladder glands are all functioning well. The intestines are filled with meconium, a greenish-black substance that consists of intestinal mucus, intestinal cells, swallowed amniotic fluid and skin oils. The dark colour arises from the release of gall dyes during this period. The fat and sweat glands begin to function.Downy hairs will grow on his head during these weeks. His head is approximately 1/3 of his total body length, measured from the crown of the head to the tail bone. He can bend his spine, neck and head, so that he can lie comfortably or stand straight up if he wants to. Your baby is now approximately as big as an orange. He's continuously practicing all of his movements and his muscles are becoming stronger and stronger. His vocal chords are also ready now, but he can't make a sound yet, because he needs oxygen for that."

Mommy Info:
  • Morning Sickness- Well I'm still getting sick, no new news here. Although,I have found that the earlier I get up the worse it is.
  • Movements- Well I'm pretty sure that I've been feeling the baby move the last few days, which I am very excited about! I keep getting random little flutters in my uterus, so I'm assuming it's the baby. Also I think the baby hates my belly button. In the morning when I roll over to my right side after laying on my left side all night, the baby has a fit and does something that feels like someone is stabbing a knife into my belly button. Apparently she does not like being woken up, so she takes it out on my belly button. Man, I hope the baby isn't always a bear about being woken up. Sorry Cass, but I hope it is nothing like you in that department!
  • Belly- Well I feel like I'm finally starting to look a little pregnant. It was like I went to bed Friday night just looking bloated and woke up Saturday morning with a baby belly. I was shocked, Saturday I got dressed for my cousin's baby shower and then looked in the mirror and couldn't believe it, I actually look pregnant. I was so shocked I ran out to Cole and was like "Look! I look pregnant" Cole was like "Um..you are pregnant!"
  • Boobs- Ok, so I know that my boobs have gotten bigger and are changing every day, but apparently they look like I have a baby in them. Yesterday Jackson and I argued for about 10 minutes about where my baby was. He insisted the baby is in my boobies, but I kept telling him no it's in my belly. He knows he's mommy's baby is in her belly, but apparently my baby is in my boobs.
  • Saltine Thief- There is a saltine thief in my house! Every night before bed I put a stack of Saltines on my night stand, so that if I wake up nauseous in the middle of the night I can have a saltine and go back to bed. Well, the last few morning when I get up to pee, Lily is sound asleep next to me. I go to the bathroom and I hear her eating my Saltines, by the time I come back to bed she is in the same spot I left her sound asleep, but my saltines are missing. She thinks she has tricked me, but I know it's her! But then again, I guess she wins because every night I put them there and every morning she eats them.

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