Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a great weekend, so I thought I would share!

Friday night when we came home from The Brennan's I found a package at our door. I opened it up to find a gift from Cole. He bought me the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier I've been drooling over. If you are curious about it please go see it It is wonderful, you can wear it over 12 different ways, and I can't wait to put a baby in it and try it out!

Then Saturday morning we ventured out to the South Shore Plaza to go shopping. I finally gave in and bought some maternity clothes and I finally bought a bra that fits. Let me tell you how horrifying bra shopping was. I knew my boobs had outgrown my current bra, I thought that I was maybe one size bigger, but two sizes bigger, oh my! Please let them stop growing now!
We then came home from an exhausting mall trip and relaxed.

We caught Lily spying on the neighbors
She was then embarrassed that she got caught.

We then went outside to enjoy the nice weather and get some reading done.
Lily watched the birds and enjoyed the fresh air.
We then ordered Thai food, yum! Lily wanted some, but it was to good to share.
She then forgot that her tongue belongs in her mouth
On Sunday, we went to my parents for dinner. Jackson practiced not peeking.
Grandma played baseball with the boys
and Jackson watched!
Overall it was an uneventful weekend, but it was so nice!

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