Friday, March 25, 2011

Bums, Bananas, & Tripods

Sort of just a randomness of things....Emma loves to lay on her belly with her bum in the air, it's so stinkin' cute!
Carter can sit in the tripod position for a few seconds at a time unassisted.
Both babies are teething like crazy after fussiness all day I remembered about the mesh feeder last night. I gave it to Carter, who seems to be having a harder time with the teeth and he went nuts for it. First I put an ice cube in it and after he finished that I put in a banana. Carter was so excited about the banana and it was the only thing that kept him calm for a good 15 minutes while he chomped away on the thing.
With their morning cereal/vegetable I've been giving the babies a sippy cup of water. Well they now know what a sippy cup is when they see one, so when Carter saw me get his sippy cup out of the fridge this morning and put it down he started screaming until I finally let him have it. And while Grace was sitting next to Emma later on she was drinking her own sippy cup when Emma started reaching for Gracie's cup and crying so I had to go get Emma her own cup. It's crazy how fast they pick up on these things.

And because I'm kind of crazy I put the kids in some crazy outfits today just so they could wear their cute babylegs.

"Um, Mom this bow is the size of my head!"

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