Friday, March 18, 2011

Taking A Walk

Well I did it..I put Grace and Emma in our jogging stroller and put Carter in our Baby K'tan and went for a walk with all the kids. Holy crap did my legs burn after the walk, especially because 2 out of 3 of the tires were flat making it extra hard!

It was a little chilly so I bundled the kids. Grace was very excited to share a stroller with Emma. Usually when I go out in public alone with all 3 kids I have Emma and Carter in the double snap-n-go and have Grace hold onto the side of the stroll, so this was her first time sharing a stroller with one of the babies. 
Carter just kind of took it all in! We live on a busy street so there was lots of loud trucks to keep him entertained.
Emma enjoyed the walk and actually fell asleep towards the end.
I was able to transfer Emma from the stroller into the house into the pack n play without waking her. Grace and Carter were awake when we got home but both came in and took a nap right away! I hope to be taking lots of walks in the future, the kids seem to enjoy it and it was quite the work out. Uncle Josh was kind enough to put air in our flat tires so it should be a little easier next time..thanks Uncle Josh!

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