Monday, March 21, 2011


Friday we packed up the troops after Cole got home from work and headed over to the playground since it was so nice out. Grace had a blast!
Carter was awake at the playground, but Emma just slept the whole time.
I forgot until we got there how much anxiety the playground gives me! I'm always so afraid Grace is going to fall off of the top of the slide or something else. Grace did manage to get hurt twice while we were there, which only helped to increase my anxiety! The first accident happened when Grace decided to run under a kid swinging, ya she did not make it under and got hit and fell down. The second accident happened while she was running, she lost her boot and fell down face first into the mud. But aside from a few bumps and Mama's anxiety Grace had so much fun!
After the playground we decided to meet up with Cole's Mom and go see some ducks, but there were we looked at the water for a few minutes
Then we decided to head to Peaceful Meadows to look at the cows and have some ice cream...I was to busy eating ice cream to take any picture though!