Monday, May 9, 2011

7 Months

Only a few days late, but Carter and Emma are now 7 months old! That means we are closer to their 1st birthday then we are to their birth, which just seems so crazy to me!

Emma and Carter have really seemed to notice one another and interact, it's so cute!
For the most part they really seem to like one another's company, unless it involves the other scratching their face or stealing their toys, then they scream pretty loud!
Carter is such a ham!
He just loves people and is always all smiles! Carter is now sleeping by himself in his crib for naps and bedtime. He is only waking 1, sometimes, 2 times a night and usually just needs his binkie. Carter now says Mama and Da. When he's sad or mad he just cried Mama, over and over again until I get him. Carter still loves his bottle and prefers it over baby food, he'll eat maybe one serving of baby food a day, if that. I just started putting away both Carter's and Emma's 3-6 month clothes and taking out their 6-9 month clothes. Most of the 6-9 month clothes still are huge, but they can wear them. Carter can roll himself both ways and will sit unassisted for a few second at a time. Carter has managed to get himself up on all fours a couple times, but no crawling yet. Carter has become a happy yeller and yells as high pitch as he can when excited. Carter's bottom tooth has finally poked through, but it hasn't come all the way out yet.
Emma is still pretty snobby and standoffish with other people. She has awful stranger anxiety, which our doctor says is really earlier, so hopeful it gets better and not worse over time. Emma is a great sleeper for the most parts and usually sleeps through the night. Emma can say Mama and Dada as well, but doesn't use them as often as Carter. A few times Emma has said baba when she wanted a bottle. Emma prefers baby food and table over her bottles and now has a nutty when other people are eating around her. I have to force Emma to drink her bottles during the day. Emma rolls both ways as well, but hates trying to sit unassisted, she will usually just throw herself back. Emma knows how to wiggle back and forth to move herself across the room to Grace's toys and is so proud of herself once she gets them. When Emma wakes up in the morning she often is such a goof ball, but otherwise she's pretty serious.

Both Carter and Emma were discharged from Early Intervention today because they no longer qualify. This is great news because it means they are meeting all their milestones and have nothing to be concerned with at the time, yet I'm so nervous they will suddenly fall behind.

Neither Carter or Emma were really into their monthly pictures this month: