Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer To Do List

I found this idea on Pinterest, yes I mentioned it again, I told you I'm obsessed with it! So, I made this list the other day, of things to try to do this summer.
 We decided to try to cross some thing off on Saturday. So, first I dressed the girls in matching outfit, yup, I'm that Mom!
 Then we took the kids to the Hingham Farmers' Market. Doesn't Emma look thrilled!?
Then we bundled the kids up and took them to Castle Island, where we ate lunch picnic style and took a 3 mile walk!
Emma loved watching the planes fly over.
 Ready to start the walk.
 It was quite chilly out on Saturday, but it made the walk easier, the view helped as well.
 The walk wore Emma out and she napped, while Grace played at the playground.
 Plane landing
Hopefully next weekend we will be able to cross more things off our summer list!