Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zoo Time

For the twins' welcoming the Brennans' got us an awesome gift of a year family membership to Buttonwood Zoo! We decided to take advantage of it yesterday and took all the kids to the zoo. The last time we went to Button wood Grace was just a baby, so we were very excited to go back.

Poor Carter is sick, so he wasn't overally excited about going, but Emma was!
 Grace was super excited as well!
 3 kids and a bear
 Emma was so excited about all the animals!
 Carter, not so much.
 We stopped to eat the lunch I had packed, but Grace was a little grumpy (turns out she was coming down with what Carter has), so we gave her some sugar to keep going.
 Bears. Grace decided they were a family of bears named Emma, Carter, and Mama....not quite sure what she's implying here!!!
 Happy Grace
 Right outside the zoo is an awesome playground, since it was on the colder side the zoo and playground were empty so we took full advantage of this! Emma and Carter were wiped from the zoo so they slept through the playground.
 But Grace had a great time!
 So did Cole!
After the playground we ran a few errands then Cole went for a run while I made dinner. Around dinner time we realized Grace wasn't herself so I took her temperature, 102 just like Carter's on Monday. After some Tylenol she started to perk up. Carter's started with a temp and is now a cold, so I'm sure in a few days Grace's will turn to a cold as well.

Other then a few sick kids we had a great day! The zoo pass also gets us into the Science Museum, so we hope to get there soon as well!