Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th Weekend

We had a great 4th of July weekend! Saturday we did all this, then on Sunday we went to Grandma and Papa house.
Grace practiced her new swim moves.
 and played on the swings.
 Grace stuffed her face, literally!
 The babies napped, yay!
 Grace and the boys colored with some chalk. I must say Grandma and Papa's driveway looks beautiful now!
 Then the kids played ring around the rosy
 and a sleeping rabbit game.

and they played some football.
While Grace and the boys played, Emma and Carter kept themselves busy by playing together.

Then today we got up bright and early and went to the Plymouth parade.
I made the kids take some group shots before we left, obviously!
 Emma was done, but Carter's a ham!
 I attempted to try to make Grace's hair look like a star. I got the idea from The Story of a Princess and her Hair. It was a sad attempt, but I tried and at least Grace's hair was out of her eyes so she didn't complain.
 Emma and Carter waiting for the parade to start.
 Grace bought a cat from one of the vendor, so while we waited for the parade to start, she took her cat for a million walks to pee!
 Grace happy the parade is finally starting
 The parade started off with all the firetruck and there had to be probably close to 50 of them, it was very loud!
 and then lots of motorcycles.
 Carter was NOT a fan of all the noise!
But he did eventually let me put him back down.
 The parade marshal was 103 years old!!
 There was a very cool steel drum band in the parade.
 Dispite all the noise both babies did finally fall asleep!
 After the parade we were all hot and sweaty so we drove home, got our bathing suits, and headed to Grandma and Papa's pool. We all went swimming and the babies really seemed to like it. The babies we hanging in the pack n play when Jackson informed me that they were wrestling. Before rescuing Emma I snapped a few pictures because it was cute! Carter looked like he was flying like Superman!
I'm so sad that the weekend is over and Cole has to go back to work today, but we really had a great weekend so I can't complain too much!