Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saturday in Plymouth

This past Saturday we all got up early to take Grace to swim lessons, which she did awesome at!
She's the one getting ready to jump into the pool!
After swim lessons we went to Ikea, yes on a Saturday, yes it was super busy, but I really needed to find something to organize our living room closet with, I did, and our trip was pretty pain free. After Ikea we decided to head down to Plymouth for some lunch. 

We grabbed food at Cabby Shack it was delicious and the staff was super nice! I got their Niko salad, Cole got their pizza of the day, and Grace shared her Mac n' cheese with the twins. Grace's food looked so yummy, and they all finished it super quick! I'm always a wreck taking all 3 kids to a real restaurant, well, because it's usually a disaster. The kids were all relatively well behaved and one woman even came over to tell me how well behaved my children are, I almost choked on my food!

 Grace was a fan of the Cabby Shack!
 Grace asked if she could take a picture of Cole and surprisingly she actually managed to get him in the shot!
 After lunch we decided to walk around for a little bit. Emma was less then impressed,
 Carter wasn't either.
 We stopped to get ice cream at Ziggy's. Grace got chocolate and I got some of their fat free coffee ice cream.
 We decided to go watch the boats while we ate our ice cream, or in Grace's case drip ice cream all over ourselves.
I made her ditch the cone and just eat it out of a bowl instead.
 Then Cole and Grace went to watch some baby ducks.
 I gave Emma my ice cream cone to eat.
Grace was pretending to throw fishes for the ducks to eat.
The ducks Grace was stalking.
Emma only took a few bites of the cone, before Carter stole it, but she was okay with that.
Emma and Carter eventually got sick of my picture taking, Emma kept trying to kick the camera away, and Carter was covering his face.
I would have loved to stay longer but it was really hot and both babies needed a nap, but all and all we had a great day!