Sunday, July 3, 2011


We had a busy day yesterday!
Grace had her 1st swim lesson!
Then we got ready to go to the Bridgewater Farmers Market. Grace was very excited to go to the Farmers Market.
Emma on the other hand wasn't as excited, "We're going where?"

Grace was very happy she got to buy a brownie at the Farmers market.
After the Farmers Market Cole and the kids went home to nap while I ran to Target. After naps we packed up the kids and went to the Nantasket Beach.
The babies and I hung out on the beach while Cole and Grace played in the sand.
Carter people watched.
Grace splashed in some puddles.
Baby toes
Building sand castles is serious business
Emma and Carter chatted.
Happy girl!
Carter blowing bubbles.
After Grace played in the sand we wiped the sand off, with some baby powder (how have I gone my whole life without knowing this took off sand!) Then we went and got some dinner. Grace and Cole ate pizza, well I stuck with my salad.
After dinner we went and played at the playground at the beach.
Carter and Emma watched all the kids play.
Then we took Grace over to the Paragon Carousel, so she could ride the horses. (Grace at the beach and carousel last year)
Emma and Carter liked watching the horses!
After the carousel Emma ate her toes

well Grace and Cole ate ice cream!
Grace said she wanted rainbow sherbet, but then pouted because she didn't like it, so Cole gave her some of his chocolate.
Everybody was super tired when we got home, mission accomplished! Yay for a fun Saturday!

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