Thursday, September 29, 2011

11 months

I am so late with this post, seeing as they turn 1 in a week, yikes! Sadly this is the best picture of them together I could get.
 Emma and Carter are now both over 20 pounds, not bad for our little babies! They are wearing 12 mopnth clothes and wearing a size 4 diaper. They both eat only finger foods and we've started transitioning to milk this week.

They both will gove each other kisses now and it just melts my heart!
 Carter is tsil such a Mama's boy and I love it! He now loves to snuggle!
 Carter is our sensitive baby, he gets his feeling hurt very easily, and giving him a stern warning sends him into hysterics. He loves to climb on everything. He loves balls and he loves the little playhouse we have, he actually just loves crawling through the door and closing the door in Emma's face.

Emma likes to snuggle, but only if Carter is snuggling or if you are giving her attention for getting hurt.
 Emma is so in love with Lily and follows her around all day.

 Emma is the pushy one and is allows taking things from Carter and pushing him down, she has turned into quite the bully, which doesn'y work out so good for poor Mr. Sensitive. Emma recently has started walking!

Both babies say Mama, and Dada. They both say things that sounds like Emma, Grace, Lily, and up. We are getting ready to have a Thing 1 Thing 2 birthday party for them. I tried to get a cute picture of the two of them for the invites, tried is the key word.

And typical Carter, Emma stole his binkie.

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