Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busy Day

Today was quite the big day in the Clifford household, between Grace's 3rd birthday and her 1st day of preschool! I'm a firm believer that birthdays should be super special, that everything about that day should be great!

So, well, Grace slept I filled her room with balloons, and lots of them.
 I waited while the birthday girl slept, so that I could catch her reaction on camera.
 And her face waking up to all those balloons! Amazing!
 While she jumped around in the balloons I sang Happy Birthday to her, because I think on your birthday you should hear that song over and over again!
 Then we went downstairs where her special birthday donut cake was waiting for her.
 Grace put on her birthday crown and we sang happy birthday again!
Then Grace got to wear her special birthday shirt. (I got the iron on from BabyFables and it was great quality)
 She heard a choo choo!
 showing off her new backpack
 Emma was excited about Grace going to school!
 Carter was excited he found Grace's M&Ms
 Daddy and Gracie before leaving
 Grace and Jacob waiting for the door to open.
 Grace and Jackson
 Grace in front of her hook!
I thought that Grace would cling to us and cry when we left, but nope, she went right to playing. We gave her kisses and left and she just waved to us.
 When we went to pick her up her teachers said she was a little shy at first, but then started opening up already, which shocked me. I thought it would take her weeks to start to warm up to everyone. Grace was such a chatter box and said "all her friends said happy birthday to me!" She kept going on and on about how much fun she had and how she wants to go back. We promised Grace we'd go to Friendly's to celebrate her birthday and 1st day of school.

At Friendly's Grace told EVERY person so saw that it was her birthday. The waitress was very sweet and brought over balloons for Grace and they all sang to her, she loved every minute of it!
 After Friendly's we came home and Grace opened up her presents from us. We got her some iCarly pajamas, a floor puzzle, and this camera. She loved all the presents and has already taken over 50 pictures on her new camera.
After presents Grace decided she'd rather have another donut instead of her cupcake, so we put a candle in her donut and sang happy birthday again!
Tonight when I put Gracie to bed we read the Kissing Hand book, just like they did in school today. At the end of the book I kissed her hand and she placed it to her cheek, and then she said "Mommy I feel the love all the way to my heart." Words can not express how much I love this little girl. Happy Birthday Grace I hope that 3 is an amazing year for you!

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