Monday, September 19, 2011

Grace's 3rd Birthday Party

I've been such a crappy blogger lately. But that seems to happen, I go through cycles of blogging everything and then blogging nothing. I just realized today that I never blogged about Gracie's 3rd birthday party, which was the Saturday before her actual birthday.  I ended up making lots of the decoration myself, to save money, and to avoid having tons of super cheesy character stuff. Don't worry I still had cheesy character stuff, I just tried not to make it ALL cheesy.

So Grace decided back in August that she really wanted a Dora party, she was torn between Dora, Tinkerbell, and Minnie Mouse (I was pulling for a super cute Minnie party), but she finally picked Dora.I decided to go with a pink and yellow Dora theme. I made a few of these cute napkin flowers.
Here's a picture of them hanging with the ruffle streamers I made (you can also see the super cheesy Swiper I tried to draw. Grace requested last minute that Swiper had to be there)
I found this idea on Pinterest, of course and thought it was to cute, so I made one!
 Since I had bought a million balloons at the store I decided to make Grace's party shoes, extra special!
Speaking of balloons I also followed this tutorial to make a balloon banner for Grace. I hung it from our curtain rod to keep little hands off of it until the day of the party.

Hanging up at the party
I printed out 100 pictures of Grace's 3rd year and picked probably around 50 of them to make a giant number 3.
 I also made Grace a birthday hat, well, because I do every year. I have saved her hat from each year, why I don't know, it's a little memento I save each year. 
I attempted to make Grace's birthday dress. I usually make her a tutu for her parties, but thought that now that she's older she might be annoyed with the tutu. I bought the pre-smocked fabric and made her dress using that.

As far as the food goes, I tried to stick with the theme. 

So I made some Dora oreos using those pre-made sugar decals.
Some chocolate covered bananas, you know because Boots likes bananas! I also made some pink lemonade cookies because they matched the color them.
I also made some pina colada dip, Boots butter, Jalapeno popper dip, corn muffins, chips and salsa, and pizza.
I also ordered the cake and cupcakes from Walmart.
 And since it was a Dora party, we got a Dora bouncy house!
Grace jumping away!
And some random party pics
After the party while Cole and I cleaned up Grace tried on her new cowboy boots and was just soaking in the fun of the day.

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