Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Flashing Back to the Doctors Appointment

Even though it may be old news by now, the doctors appointment was amazing. It was absolutely incredible seeing our baby. I thought I was gonna dump all over the place while watching the doctors face as she tried to get a view on the screen for the ultrasound. I was just a little paranoid, but all is well, which is awesome. The other shocking thing about the appointment was "my first vaginal examination." Although I do not have a vagina and really could not even see anything, I still felt violated. My lovely wife was sitting spread eagle and the doctor/CIA torture specialist started coming over with the tools found in "SAW." After the doctor brought in the car jack to open her up she mentioned "scraping," "some bleeding is normal," and something about "putting the lotion in the basket," thats when I temporarily blacked out a little. It was quite traumatic, but I think Kristen handled it well (like everything else involving her pregnancy) so that is the important part. She's still being a trooper with the morning sickness, but I'm know it'll turn around soon. So Gryler if you're reading this in like 12 years, I love you and am so grateful to have you. Muah!


Kristen said...

I love you! You crack me up!

Auntie She-She said...

I think I should avoid reading your blog in the morning. Your dumping comment almost made me puke. Funny stuff!

Uncle Dizzy said...

that is nothing...for real...the delivery room? its like Hostel 3you'd better get some depends man...fair warning from one dad to another!