Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Week in Review

Alright, so a little update on this week, in no particular order:

1- Mastitis

Yes, I woke up Tuesday morning with's awful! For those you don't know what Mastitis it's "an infection of the breast tissue that causes pain, swelling and redness of the breast. Mastitis most commonly affects women who are breast-feeding, although in rare circumstances this condition can occur outside of lactation." The symptoms of Mastitis are:
Breast tenderness or warmth to the touch
General malaise or feeling ill
Swelling of the breast
Pain or a burning sensation continuously or while breast-feeding
Skin redness, often in a wedge-shaped pattern
Fever of 101 F or greater

Sounds fun right! It's so painful and I just feel awful, luckily Cole stayed home with me the last 2 days to help with Grace. It feels like you have the flu with an unbelievably sore breast. The few things that help it are antibiotics and stimulating the breast every 2 hours. So I've been having Grace feed off that side every 2 hours, god it hurts to even look at, let alone nurse her. Here's a picture of a cow with Mastitis:

Yup, it's as painful as it looks! It is finally starting to feel better tonight, thankfully. Grace has been very sweet and has been giving me extra cuddles.2- Boot camp
We've been sort of lax about Lily's training lately, so we've started Boot camp for her. She actually enjoys training, but it wears her outShe didn't even flinch while Grace played on her.

I ordered a SmartMom necklace, which is a teething necklace the mom wears and it's made from a food-safe, phthalate-free, federally-approved silicone, so it's okay for her to chew on it.

Grace hasn't really mouthed it to much yet, but she loves to hold it, which helps a lot during feedings. Since Grace has become more aware of her surroundings she is easily distracted by everything, this necklace has helped her to stay focused on feeding, but gives her something to play with. It's great to because instead of pinching my skin while feeding she holds the necklace.
4- Naked Time
For Grace, not us! We started giving Grace naked time, she has such sensitive skin and just needs to air out her bottom sometime. Now before baths we get her naked and let her roll around on the bathroom floor for a while, she loves it!
Grace getting ready for naked time!

rolling all around

she made it onto her belly, all by herself!

5- Sitting!
Yes, Grace has been practicing sitting.
First with the boppy

then all by herself!

We are so proud of Miss Grace!

Just look how much these two love each other!

They have my heart!

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! Gracie is getting so big!! you all look wonderful! i hope all is well with fam & i'll be in touch soon! lots of love!